iPhoto 11: Avoid possible data loss

Oct 28, '10 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: Henry Carlson

A possible bug in the upgrade process by iLife 11 causes a loss in one's library. Even more, some of the 'successful' upgraders are not even aware that they, might too, lost some files!

The root of the problem lies in faulty permissions within the iPhoto Library. The solution is to fix the permissions. Repairing permissions in Disk Utility won't help because that doesn't affect user files, only installed programs with Receipts.

While awaiting an official fix or advice from Apple, I have posted an easy, safe fix on my web site.

[crarko adds: Note: Apple has since released an update to fix this.]

Here is my solution. If you have already lost data you will have to restore from Time Machine or whichever backup scheme you use.

This will set the photo library permissions so iPhoto 11 can do the necessary database upgrade without harm.

[crarko adds: There do seem to be a number of reports of this issue. Be sure to have a current backup of your photo library prior to upgrading, as you should have a good data backup prior to any major software upgrade.

I upgraded to iPhoto 11 with no problems, but I did check my photo library and the permissions were already set as described in the hint.

I am also a big fan of BatChmod; there was a long time when it could be used to fix permissions when the Finder had problems doing so, especially recursive permissions. Finder in Snow Leopard has caught up, in my experience.]

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