Get SPSS working again after the latest Java release

Oct 25, '10 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: octavius

This hint tells how to get PAWS Statistics (SPSS 16,17,18) working again in Snow Leopard after the lastest Java 1.6 update from Apple.

Every rollout of Apple's Java releases is a gamble. Especially if you're one of the many users of SPSS 16,17, or 18 on Mac. Some releases cause SPSS no longer to open, some kill off the graphing tools, and some generate other random oddities. I used to work at a local university and this was always an issue. Directly after the update a few days ago lots of people came to me with problems.

Anyway, Apple's latest Java release doesn't completely render SPSS (in this case 18) useless, just its plotting tools (i.e. graphing and charts). I haven't seen this mentioned here so I'm sure it'll help others. There are several similar posts (but not on MacOSXHints) about changing/fixing Java for Azureus and other programs but slightly different.

First, download Java 1.5.0 for Snow Leopard from here. Note: The link for this tar was found by searching for Java 1.5.0 leopard.tar.gz in Google.

Next, extract the file which will create a folder called '1.5.0' and drag and drop that into /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions folder in your hard drive. It will ask you to authenticate and replace.

After that, open up Java Preferences in /Applications/Utilities/ and you'll see Java 1.5 in your list of available releases.

Go ahead and check all boxes (no need to turn off/disable 1.6 since it'll fallback to 1.5) and quit Java Prefs.

Relaunch PASW Statistics (SPSS) and your graphs will work again!

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one, but did verify that the linked download above is from a reputable source. As mentioned in this previous hint, Apple may be heading towards third party only support of the Java VM. The problem described here may indicate this is a good thing, if a third party will offer full and up-to-date support.]

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