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Copy results from the Spotlight Calculator System
As many know, Spotlight in the menu bar provides calculator functions. If, for example, you enter


you'll get a listing in the Spotlight results showing

100+4 = 104

As long as this listing is selected, using the keyboard shortcut for Copy, Command+C, will place the result of the equation on the Clipboard.

[crarko adds: I tested this in 10.6.4, and it works as described. I know we've run hints about the Spotlight Calculator before, but I couldn't find this perhaps obvious, but still useful, one.]
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Authored by: lujo on Nov 01, '10 09:25:16AM

As much as I try and wish to make this work in 10.5, it doesn't. Just another reason for me to upgrade sometime.

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Copy results from the Spotlight Calculator
Authored by: alangbaker on Nov 01, '10 10:19:36AM

Copy works with other items in Spotlight as well. Copy a document and you can paste it else where in the filesystem, or paste its icon into a document, etc.

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Copy results from the Spotlight Calculator
Authored by: gabester on Nov 01, '10 11:49:42AM

Wow... I'm not the first to go complaining about obvious hints because what is obvious to one may be obtuse to another. It is clearly intuitive and within the norms of OS X operation, but I had not discovered this previously (and had on occasion wanted to copy the Spotlight menu's calculator results.)

Interestingly, (and I'm on 10.6.4 here as well) selecting another Spotlight search item and using the copy shortcut copies the path to that item - assuming you don't have the text within the Spotlight search field itself selected!

I think when I'd tried this in the past I must have entered my calculation, closed the spotlight menu, gone back in and wanted to look at the total again, at which point the search text is highlighted, so hitting command-C gets me 100+4 instead of any generated Spotlight menu items.

Thanks - a useful, if intuitively obvious, hint!

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Spotlight Calculator
Authored by: bauldrywc on Nov 01, '10 06:44:12PM

The calculator also 'knows' trig functions sin, cos, etc, exp (functional notation for e^x) and natural & common logarithms, factorials (even for non-integer arguments), and others. The shift operators ">>" ans "<<" are implemented. What's nice is constants like 'pi' and 'e' are available, too. (bc anyone?)

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