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Use VipRiser as CUPS-PDF replacement Printers
The VipRiser has the same basic functionality as the CUPS-PDF (described in this earlier hint) printing package has, but it is more user friendly and easier to install. You can download the installer here.

Once installed, there's both an application (named VipRiser) and a print driver. You need to create the virtual printer in System Preferences » Print & Fax before using it the first time. Just hit the plus sign and add it. The installer walks you through this. The new printer is named 'Print to VipRiser' and once installed, you just select it like any other printer. The VipRiser application has to be running or the virtual printer will be paused, so you may want to put the application in your Login items.

The VipRiser has some fancy features such as sync with your iPad or DropBox, but you don't have to use them at all. The trick is to select regular folder instead of the DropBox one, where all output files will be stored. You can also use AppleScript or Automator workflows as plugins to do any custom processing. (e.g. upload files to a server).

[crarko adds: I tested this on 10.6.4, and it works as described. I needed to reboot to get it to print after installation, but thereafter it was good. I used both the Dropbox and iPad (also iPhone) destinations. I've mirrored the download here, but check the original source in case there are updates.]
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Use VipRiser as CUPS-PDF replacement
Authored by: ddauerbach on Sep 23, '10 08:29:42AM

A propos the mention of dropbox in this hint:
It's worth pointing out (and has been in other hints) that putting files into your dropbox folder is unnecessary. It makes for cleaner folder structures and easier changes to what you're dropboxing to put symlinks (to either folders or files) into dropbox. When you decide not to sync those items anymore you just delete the symlink from the dropbox folder keeping the original intact. Knowing about and using symlinks adds greatly to dropbox's functionality.

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Gah! Immigration forms!
Authored by: lullabud on Sep 23, '10 08:38:27AM

Gah! Why didn't either of these show up when I was googling for virtual printers a few weeks ago? Immigration forms in soft copy are protected PDFs with entry boxes. You fill them out but you can't (reliably) save them, so you have to have a printer handy wherever you're filling out your forms. For a guy like me who is living in a small apartment in the city staying up late filling out long forms with no printer, this is ridiculus ad inifintum. I was looking for something to act as a printer to print to a file and the only thing I found was a darwinports package that didn't work as described. Both of the solutions mentioned here are exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the awesome tip!

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Gah! Immigration forms!
Authored by: negritude on Sep 23, '10 03:45:16PM


It's called MacPorts now. Make sure you're using the latest version.

FYI, CUPS-PDF is easily installed via MacPorts.

Oh, and VipRiser appears to be 10.6/Intel only, whereas CUPS-PDF will work on 10.5 and/or PPC machines.

Edited on Sep 23, '10 03:52:19PM by negritude

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Gah! Immigration forms!
Authored by: danlavie on Nov 17, '10 01:54:09PM

Dear lullabud,

You can try this method.

1. Download PDFKey Pro from:
2. Test it, it works every time for me, I recommend you buy it.

This little application will remove any encryption, password and protection from the pdf file, and create an unlocked version for you.

You can edit that unlocked PDF using the excellent PDFpen Pro from this link:

PDFpen Pro is the Acrobat Pro alternative, but in some cases even better, not just cheaper.

To manage all you PDF files on your Mac, you can use Yep 2 from this link:

Yep 2 will allow you not just to archive, Tag and catalog your PDF files, it's also a great Scanning software. so you can scan a PDF into Yep 2, the open it in PDFpen Pro, you can even let PDFpen Pro run OCR on the PDF, so all the text becomes editable. (great for old files you might have).

Hope that would give you a better workflow.



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Paused Printer
Authored by: Yuckandmuck on Sep 24, '10 04:56:13AM

This seems to work for normal documents. However, it gets stuck why I try printing a protected PDF (bank statement). The document shows up as a print job, but the (virtual) printer immediately goes into Paused mode. Clicking Resume doesn't help - just goes back to Paused until I delete the job. Fwiw, the protected PDF does print fine using a real printer. I did reboot after installing VipRiser and also made sure the VipRiser app was running before I printed (also added to Login Items). Still no joy. Running OS X 10.6.4. Any ideas?

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Paused Printer
Authored by: tom_sep on Sep 24, '10 09:22:08AM

I wonder if this happens because you are trying to print it to the virtual printer. The virtual printer works with the 'source' of the document directly (it can modify it etc.) so allowing it to print it would be a security hole.

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Paused Printer
Authored by: Yuckandmuck on Sep 24, '10 10:18:47AM

But the same protected PDF prints just fine to a regular printer. I'm not sure how the PDF can detect that it's being "printed" to a physical printer vs a virtual one (e.g. VipRiser). An earlier reply indicated success using VipRiser to "save" (i.e. print) protected PDFs, so I was hopeful this would work.

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Use VipRiser as CUPS-PDF replacement
Authored by: jdec141 on Dec 02, '10 11:56:48PM

I recently did the hack that allows you to Airprint with shared printers. I installed this and when I print from my iMac it works fine. When I try to print from my iPad over Airprint it pauses and then nothing will print from either the iMac or iPad... I was hoping to have a way to print from Safari on the iPad to dropbox as a pdf.

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