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Web based filtering of RSS feeds Apps
I use Google Reader and various clients (NetNewsWire for Mac and Feeddler for iPad). On NetNewsWire Mac I can create smart lists (saved searches across multiple feeds). I cannot get this feature on the iPad on any reader, and the saved searches don't sync to Google Reader since it doesn't support search (go figure). I want to aggregate my RSS feeds, but I want more control (saved searches) and I want the same content on all platforms and all computers.

One good solution I've found is Yahoo Pipes. Like a pipe on the command line you can feed it some input and it will pass the input to their engine, then create new output. In this case you can put in one or many feeds, apply filters (has words, doesn't have word, etc...) and get a new feed!

Input can be way more than just a feed; it can also be pages, CSV files, Flickr, Yahoo Searches, and more. They are working on Pipes v2 which will be even better.

Anyways, it looks like a very interesting and geeky way to manipulate content and get it just the way you want it.

Basic instructions:
  • Get a Yahoo account
  • Go to the Pipes page.
  • Click the Create a new pipe link at the top of the page.
  • Drag a Sources: Fetch Feed module to the grid.
  • Add a URL (say
  • Drag an Operators: Filter to the grid.
  • Connect the dots between the URL and Filter.
  • Fill in the filter with desired filter (like permit item.Title contains camera).
  • Connect the dots between filter and Pipe output.
  • Now click on the debugger and select Pipe Output and voila!
  • Change the filter from Permit to Block camera, hit refresh in the debugger pane on the bottom, and you see all the feed items that do not contain camera.
  • Save the pipe. Name it, and hit the Goto my pipes link. Click on the pipe you just saved and it will run. You will now have a new RSS feed!
I'm going to wipe many of the feeds I have in Google Reader and add them to Pipes, then add the pipes RSS to Google Reader, so all my rss filtering is done on the Web. No matter which reader I use, I get only the content I want.

There are many modules to play with, including a regex module to change the content. For example, add the feed source to the title of the item.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. This was in the queue for a while and there may now be apps on the iPad that will do this. But I didn't know about Yahoo Pipes, and it looks like a pretty neat thing.]
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Web based filtering of RSS feeds
Authored by: fracai on Dec 10, '10 08:25:58AM

The downside to this is that you'll now very likely be the only subscriber to these piped feeds. Google includes subscriber count when determining how often to refresh feeds and with only one subscriber your feed may refresh very infrequently.
This used to be at least twice a day, but recently I've noticed feeds refreshing much less frequently. I haven't looked into this to determine if it's a problem with the pipe, but even twice a day is somewhat sparse.

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Web based filtering of RSS feeds
Authored by: allanmarcus on Dec 10, '10 08:55:53AM

I gave up on this method (it was my hint) because it updated very infrequently and oddly. Nothing was real time (neither google not yahoo).

That said, Pipes is very interesting from a geek perspective. Maybe one day.

I still haven't found a news reader for the ipad that does smart lists. I have no idea why they don't, not even one. I've written to feeddler and netnewswire and their response it "will look into it". I can't imagine it takes too much processing power, but even Apple hasn't put it into Mail, although smart lists are supported in itunes on the ipad.


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Web based filtering of RSS feeds
Authored by: grefft on Dec 10, '10 11:04:36AM

While doing some unrelated research a few weeks ago I stumbled across a site called FeedRinse that seems to do what you are looking for. I've never used it myself so I can't vouch for it actually working. Let us know if it does.

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Web based filtering of RSS feeds
Authored by: allanmarcus on Dec 15, '10 02:15:56PM

VERY interesting. Thanks.

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Web based filtering of RSS feeds
Authored by: nathanator11 on Dec 10, '10 05:04:11PM

Any way this could be used to strip images from an RSS feed (a certain Mac news site I like may recently have started adding images to their feeds)?
I tried using CSS (img{display-none}), but it doesn't use the <img> tag.

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Web based filtering of RSS feeds
Authored by: olivierzol on Dec 12, '10 04:54:36PM

I would recommend you to try Feedly.
It seems to fit perfectly for what you are looking for:
There is an iphone version but not an ipad one though.


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Web based filtering of RSS feeds
Authored by: allanmarcus on Dec 15, '10 02:14:17PM

Sorry, but I'm not really interested in someone else guessing as to what I want to ready. I'm may be looking to purchase a particular model monitor, and so I have 5 deal feeds in NetNewsWatcher and a Smart List to filter only items with the specific model number. That is what I'm looking for.

Feedly seems more oriented to reading actual news and blogs and filtering that kind of stuff. Interesting, but not enough user control for my tastes.



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