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New volume control behavior in iTunes 10 Apps
In iTunes 10, if you select multiple speakers with the new AirPlay feature iTunes will allow you to fine tune the output volume of each speaker.

Previously, sharing to an Airport Express resulted in both outputs being tied directly to the current volume that iTunes was set to use. Set the output to 100% and all speakers would be set to 100%. Move it to 50% and all the speakers will move to 50%.

The new controller has a 'master volume' bar. The highest volume determines the 'master volume'. If the highest volume slider is at 80% then the master volume slider sets itself to 80%. Any change to either the master volume or the highest volume directly correlates to the other. If the highest volume (V1) dips below another volume level (V2) the master volume binds itself to the new highest volume level (V2). This can only happen if the highest volume level is adjusted directly, and not as a result of adjusting the master volume.

Any lower volume changes at a 1:1 percentile change. So if the master volume (necessarily the highest volume) is at 90% and moves to 45% (effectively halving the volume) any lower volumes would also be halved (80-40, 70-35, etc.). Moving the master volume slider guarantees that the higher volume remains the higher volume and the lower volume remains the lower.

Both the Remote app and the main volume slider found in the normal iTunes window map directly to the 'master volume' slider. Adjusting either changes the highest volume directly, while the lower volumes are adjusted according to the percentage change.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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New volume control behavior in iTunes 10
Authored by: chancer on Sep 07, '10 05:52:20PM

Thank you for this information. At first, I thought something was wrong with my iTunes!

This new behavior is annoying to me. I don't want iTunes volume to control my external speakers' volume, only the music volume on my Mac. It's driving me nuts!

Regardless, I appreciate the explanation of exactly how it works.

I believe your description of how it worked previously is not correct, though, at least, not for all users. Before iTunes 10, the volume on my external speakers was not affected in the least by the iTunes volume control. I set their volume with the remote for the stereo receiver that those speakers are plugged into.

Edited on Sep 07, '10 05:55:25PM by chancer

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New volume control behavior in iTunes 10
Authored by: everkleer80 on Sep 18, '10 01:23:18PM

Are you sure you weren't changing the system volume on your computer before, rather than the volume in iTunes? The system volume obviously never affected AirTunes, but the iTunes volume has always affected the AirTunes volume on my system just as tchenj describes, and I see no reason that would be different on other systems.

Anyway, the system volume still only affects the volume on your Mac so if you change the volume level of your Mac, rather than the volume in iTunes, than you should get the behavior you want. ie. This change did not really affect me because I always keep the volume level in iTunes set at 100% and I change the volume on my Mac using the media keys on my keyboard or the Apple Remote.

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New volume control behavior in iTunes 10
Authored by: brunow on Sep 24, '10 09:38:21AM

Somehow, these new volume controls can give very strange results.
Suddenly I did not get any more output on my Airport Express.
It took me quite a while to point the problem to this.

Try this:
- first select your AE and then go to Multiple Speakers.
- Slide the volume of the AE all the way down
- Switch back to computer and play something (bringing the volume up if necessary)
- Stop playback and switch back to AE
- You'll notice the volume jumping back to zero.
- Play something and bring the volume back up.
- Nothing happens !!
- The volume of the AE in multiple speakers does not go up with the master volume in iTunes
- You have to go to multiple speakers and bring it up to hear something

Although I had not used multiple speakers before, somehow the volume of AE was at zero (since iTunes 10)
I thought there was something wrong with the AE and tried everything to get it working again.

This hint pointed me to multiple speakers and solved the problem.
A lot of thanks for that.

But I have a feeling this must be a bug, since this does not seem like proper behavior to me.

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New volume control behavior in iTunes 10
Authored by: Pyyttoni on Oct 02, '10 03:46:45AM


Volume control of iTunes 10 is fine, but I also need the feature from iTunes 9: "Disable iTunes volume control for remote speakers". Every time my friends or my wife want to change the volume of the computer speakers only they automatically use volume control bar of main window which is the master volume --> volume changes in every room. I have two different solutions (change requests to next iTunes version)

1. Put "Disable iTunes volume control for remote speakers" feature back to iTunes
2. User could configure the volume bar of main window: It controls the master volume OR volume of computer speakers only


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New volume control behavior in iTunes 10
Authored by: alberti82 on Dec 28, '12 02:35:33PM
I have just written a little app which allows one to control iTunes volume by means of an external Apple remote or with keyboard hotkeys. Some of you might find this useful. I am grateful for your feedback, too.

You can download it with its source files at

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