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Keep fixed window positions in Spaces System
If you're a frequent user of Spaces, you'll often find yourself moving windows between spaces, however, if you like to have your large windows properly centered (e.g. in Safari or other browsers) you'll find it difficult to properly center the window when moving between spaces, leaving part of the window off-screen, and needing to be adjusted.

The solution is simple, all you have to do is enter Exposť from the spaces overview, and then move the windows between spaces. Once you exit Exposť, you'll find the window will be in the exact same location on the screen it was in the previous space.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. On my MacBook I just used the default keyboard settings of F8 to get into the Spaces overview, and then F9 to bring up Exposť in 'All windows' mode. If you've changed those key bindings, use your correct ones, or you could combine the two using this hint.]
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Keep fixed window positions in Spaces
Authored by: macavenger on Sep 07, '10 08:18:53AM

While the ability to combine spaces and exposť is a good hint in it's own right, and this is certainly an interesting application of that ability, if all you are going for is keeping the same window position when moving between spaces, just hold down the shift key while dragging the window. That's exactly what it is designed for :-)

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Keep fixed window positions in Spaces
Authored by: osxpounder on Sep 08, '10 01:59:04PM

Thanks! Great addition to the hint. That's perfect for me, because I didn't want to use the F9 Exposť view -- I keep way too many open windows for that -- but shift-dragging a window to another space in Spaces does exactly what I want.

I wish I could set is as default, so that I wouldn't have to hold down the shift button. Anyone know how to set that, if it's even possible?

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Keep fixed window positions in Spaces
Authored by: philostein on Sep 07, '10 08:25:44AM

Also, windows can be moved between spaces by clicking and holding the title bar and using control+arrows. The window will stay in the same place relative to the screen. Perhaps easier for adjacent spaces, not so good if you can't remember which way to go!

I didn't know Exposť could be activated in Spaces - good shout.

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Keep fixed window positions in Spaces
Authored by: asmeurer on Sep 07, '10 09:00:35AM

Or hold down the command key when moving the window. It will stay in its original position. Unfortunately, it will also move all other windows from that Application as well :).

The exposť thing is a good idea. The only bad thing about that is that the window can get pretty small then, but I guess you can press the spacebar to make sure that it is the right one.

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Keep fixed window positions in Spaces
Authored by: cf7 on Sep 07, '10 09:10:15AM
If you start moving the window, and then hold down the command key while releasing the window then just that window is moved and not the rest of the windows from the application.
Edited on Sep 07, '10 09:25:56AM by cf7

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Keep fixed window positions in Spaces
Authored by: capacity on Sep 07, '10 10:10:23AM

As an addition to philostein's comment, you can use the "switch directly to a space" key commands by grabbing a window (e.g., by the title bar) and switching directly to the space you want it to be in. No need to worry about spaces being adjacent. The window will be in the same place in the new space provided you don't move your cursor around.

I use Control-Number Keys for switching directly to my spaces. I also remapped Caps Lock to Control (Keyboard Prefs > Modifier Keys); not only does this replace that useless Caps Lock key with something more functional, but now Control is quite easy to reach.

Edited on Sep 07, '10 10:12:50AM by capacity

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