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Move VMware Fusion to another drive/partition Apps
I had moved all my /Applications to /Volumes/apps/Applications, and VMware Fusion 3 would not start.

What VMware Fusion is looking for is to use the shell command "cd" ../Library to look for its files. So I sym linked /Library to /Volumes/apps/Library, and it started right up.

The Terminal command used to do that was:

$ sudo ln -s /Library /Volumes/apps/Library

If you have a separate volume or partition for your applications, use the appropriate name in the command.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. In general it's not a good idea to move programs from /Applications elsewhere, especially the Apple installed programs. You can do this by creating symbolic links, but if you miss anything, Software Update may break moved applications. Many third party apps can be placed elsewhere, and if there are problems fixing them may be as simple as using the method of this hint. It may also be necessary to reinstall them to the /Applications folder.]
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Move VMware Fusion to another drive/partition
Authored by: arkayn on Aug 27, '10 03:16:27PM

You might also try sym linking the applications folder back to main drive.

I moved the steam app folder from my main drive over to an external drive and then sym linked it back and it works perfectly fine.

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Move VMware Fusion to another drive/partition
Authored by: clinhart on Aug 31, '10 06:13:31AM

Is it possible to move VMWare Fusion to an external drive and access it fully from there? I would LOVE to delete it from my Macbook Pro and put it on my external LaCie drive to save space - I use it infrequently, but I would need it to act the same way and access my files on my Macbook and internet, etc. just as it does now. If this is possible, can someone please explain how to do it and what are the "consequences" from doing this? I am not familiar with symlinks, etc. Thank you much for any advice. I need the space desperately on my Macbook. Also, once I do that, can I reclaim the partition I set aside for Windows as available space for my Macbook now?

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Move VMware Fusion to another drive/partition
Authored by: ssj152 on Sep 04, '10 11:18:38AM

Why would you do this? Most of the space taken up by this application are the virtual machine files and it is a trivial matter to move them to another drive. I have done this since the first version of Fusion, without problems. With OS X's disk caching, there isn't really a noticeable speed difference as far as I can tell - but you shouldn't care as you are wanting to move the application anyway.

Fusion will warn you not to dismount the drive the VM files are on (common sense), but you can check a box and disable the warning if you like.

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