A few free fonts from iMovie '09

Aug 24, '10 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: zpjet

I was changing some preferences in iMovie '09 when I noticed there's a cool font in the last tab - Coolvetica.

I was sure I don't have it installed on my system, so I dug in the application itself and there it was, together with some other nice fonts, like Duality or Strenuous, which I might use later for some titling in FCP - that's what those fonts were used for.

Right-or control-click the iMovie icon in Applications folder, and select Show Package Contents. Then go to Contents/Resources/Fonts, and double-click and install those you like.

I searched Hints but only found a story about one font in Aperture. People in the comments there are discussing the legality of extracting fonts from Trial software, but iMovie is on every new Mac.

[crarko adds: If you have iLife '09, I would think your conscience should be clear in using these fonts in other programs.]

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