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Opening saved items in new tabs in Safari 5 Web Browsers
On many occasions one might want to open an item from Safari's Bookmarks or History menus in a new tab. Like Firefox, Safari 5 offers an easy way to do so, which I have not seen listed anywhere.

As is commonly known, in Safari 4 and later, if you click on a History or Bookmark Menu item while holding the Command key pressed, the bookmark or history item opens in a new tab.

In Safari 5 (I have never tried it in version 4 but it might work) one can also open such an item in a new tab by clicking on it with the middle mouse button using a three-button mouse.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one with a three-button mouse. Any mouse that can be programmed to perform a Command-click should be able to have this functionality.]
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Opening saved items in new tabs in Safari 5
Authored by: nathanator11 on Aug 16, '10 08:46:55AM

Great tip; it'll save me a ton of time!

One addendum:
When using items in the Collections menu (accessed by the book icon in the Bookmarks Bar), you have to double click to open an item. Just hold down command and double click on the item.


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Opening saved items in new tabs in Safari 5
Authored by: arkayn on Aug 16, '10 09:32:37AM

It does work in Safari 4 as well, I used it occasionally before I upgraded.

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Opening saved items in new tabs in Safari 5
Authored by: Thomas_U on Aug 16, '10 10:11:26AM

yeah, works w/ scrollwheel-click!

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Opening saved items in new tabs in Safari 5
Authored by: stevebr on Aug 16, '10 11:24:20AM

With a third-party mouse and Apple's generic 3rd-patry mouse driver, this is basically what the middle button does by default in browsers. It's been this way on OS X for a long time (certainly 10.3) regardless of browser and on other platforms as long as I can remember.

If you have an Apple Mighty Mouse, you can set up the middle button to act as "Button 3" to get this effect. IIRC, Apple's default for the middle button on that mouse toggles Dashboard or Exposť or something. I don't know if the Magic Mouse has a middle button equivalent, but if it does, it will probably let you set it to "Button 3"

This will also deliver other traditional middle button behaviours e.g., pasting selection at cursor in the Terminal.

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Standard behavior for 3-button mouse
Authored by: leamanc on Aug 16, '10 02:49:24PM

It's cool that Apple is adding this functionality to Safari, as opening an item in a new tab is standard functionality for the third button on a mouse in Unix-like systems. I was always peeved that earlier versions of Safari did not follow this convention, while Firefox did.

It irks me to have to hold down a key (or right-click and choose from the contextual menu) to get an item to open in a new tab, so I'm glad that this is there now in Safari. Now if I could just make myself use Safari more...Chrome has snuck in to the #1 spot in my browser wars, bumping Firefox to #2. Now that Safari has (official, non-hackish) extensions and other cool features, I'd like to use it more, but I spent a lot of time with other browsers while Apple was improving Safari.

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Opening saved items in new tabs in Safari 5
Authored by: Aeschylus on Aug 16, '10 05:20:01PM

If you use this technique on a folder in the Bookmarks bar, Safari will ask to open all the bookmarks in the folder. To open only one of the bookmarks, first left-click on the folder, then command-click on the one link you'd like to open. Like others, I'm really happy to learn I could open bookmarks in a new tab.

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