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Enable Japanese Dictionaries in Apps
Something overlooked in the Dictionary application built-in to OS X since Leopard, I believe, is the option to enable Japanese dictionaries in the search. Before, using third-party apps were the only way to get Japanese--Japanese, Japanese--English, and Japanese Synonyms from Shogakukan Inc.

Open up Dictionary preferences and just simply enable the three dictionaries. You'll see the new tabs at the top of the window. Very useful for me and easily overlooked if you didn't take the time to look!

This is extremely useful for Japanese students or translators since it'll search directly from the contextual menu.

[crarko adds: I looked and they are indeed there. If you did a custom install of OS X and didn't add in the Asian language support I would think they might be missing. An earlier hint inkled at this in 10.5, but the feature may not have been finalized until Snow Leopard.]
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Enable Japanese Dictionaries in
Authored by: DMThomas on Aug 09, '10 07:42:33AM

Japanese dictionaries were added in 10.5.

You don't need Japanese support. That install is so the OS X GUI (menus/dialog boxes) is in Japanese.

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Enable Japanese Dictionaries in
Authored by: crarko on Aug 09, '10 08:16:21AM

OK, thanks for the update!

Craig A.

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Enable Japanese Dictionaries in
Authored by: Anonymous on Aug 09, '10 10:34:31AM

Thanks for "inkled". Lovely.

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Enable Japanese Dictionaries in
Authored by: octavius on Aug 09, '10 10:43:35AM

yeah, i've been running OS X in japanese since tiger i think. at first, i thought it was because of MY personal set up that they were even in the list of availible dicts. but i was on another standard machine and saw it, so had to post. :) is one of those things i just dont spend enough time with outside of its basic purpose

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Enable Japanese Dictionaries in
Authored by: dzurn on Aug 09, '10 01:44:21PM

Also, Spotlight will show results for each of those dictionaries in a search, so you can just Spotlight some Japanese text and you can see if it's in the dictionary or not very quickly.

I've also dragged "Japanese-English" as the first dictionary in the list in Dictionary's preferences, and zoomed the text size to about 20 pt so I can see the Kanji details.

My favorite trick is pasting in an unfamiliar Kanji in, and it will show you all the readings (pronunciations) for the Kanji, as well as the meanings and usage.

I'm sure I had enabled those dictionaries in Leopard.

(But for a very nice shareware Japanese dictionary, you can't beat JEDict, from!)


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Enable Japanese Dictionaries in
Authored by: Stormchild on Aug 09, '10 02:22:18PM

Not new in Snow Leopard. The Japanese dictionaries have been there for years.

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