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Use Transmit to deal with MobileMe's iDisk Apps
Accessing iDisk through Finder is, in the best case, slow and unreliable. I've found that Transmit (Panic Inc.) is a fast, reliable and easy substitute to Finder.

Everywhere you can find opinions against using iDisk to synchronize data or to hold working copies; however, MobileMe has 20Gb of available capacity I wanted to use. After searching a lot, I have found that Transmit has native support for MobileMe (amongst others), lots of features, it is very fast and easy to use.

These hints are focused on basic iDisk usage, i.e. get you up and running in short time:
  • Synchronizing folders: Go to 'Favorites' and connect to your MobileMe iDisk. Don't forget to save it in a favorite with remote and local paths defined. Then it's just a matter of pressing the Sync button.
  • Save as 'on-demand', preserving folder structure: Again, go to 'Favorites' and connect to your MobileMe iDisk. Define remote and local paths and activate DockSend (don't forget to save in a favorite). Whenever you want to save a file, just drag and drop the file in Transmit Dock Icon. It will preserve the directory structure creating the necessary folders.
  • Save files to predefined locations: This is very handy for non-technical users. Again, connect to your MobileMe, define a remote location, save it in favorites and press 'Save as Droplet.' Every time you drag and drop a file in the droplet the file is saved in the remote location.
One of the best surprises I had was the speed of transfers, it is extremely fast, even faster than Finder or Dropbox. It's also very reliable and ease of use.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. I know we have a lot of Transmit users here, but both Cyberduck and Interarchy also support the WebDAV protocols to connect to iDisk, and offer sync functionality as well. Fetch does not at this point. Check your favorite FTP client and see what it has to offer. Pretty much any client that works at all will be faster than the Finder, in my experience.]
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Use Transmit to deal with MobileMe's iDisk
Authored by: eagle on Jul 29, '10 10:57:53AM

Or you could do what I do: make a local copy of your iDisk. (It's an option on the MobileMe sync preference pane.) On my MacBook Pro, I use a local copy with manual syncing, and on my Mac mini, I use a local copy with automatic syncing. That way, my Mac mini server is always updated with what's on my MBP, and access to iDisk files is very quick regardless of which system I'm using.

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Use Transmit to deal with MobileMe's iDisk
Authored by: patchets on Jul 29, '10 02:04:39PM

I think the upside of using the Transmit method over having your iDisk make a local copy is the ability to have those files also backed up through Time Machine. Currently Time Machine will back up the sparseimage that contains your local copy of your iDisk, but its a bit of a pain to revert to an old version of one of those files. With this method, the local copies are just a folder like any other and get backed up normally.

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Use Transmit to deal with MobileMe's iDisk
Authored by: ron.bannon on Jul 29, '10 09:09:54PM

I've used iDisk and Transmit, and they're both great applications. I still use Transmit, but I've dumped iDisk in favor of Dropbox. I suggest everyone not familiar with Dropbox check it out.

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Use Transmit to deal with MobileMe's iDisk
Authored by: DaijDjan on Aug 04, '10 01:35:25PM

same here, the iDisk is great if you have a fast,reliable internet connection.

BUT I live on the land and the internet is kinda slow (broadband - but only 3000kbits)
iDisk totally flakes out: its slow as hell and ~50% of the time syncing fails altogether

I switched to dropbox a few months ago and NEVER had any issue. It is NOTICEABLE faster and totally transparent!

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Use Transmit to deal with MobileMe's iDisk
Authored by: kylecara on Jul 30, '10 06:18:31PM

+1 this + the fact that Apple is working hard on their iDisk apps sounds really good to me, this is going to be a no brainer very soon

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Use Transmit to deal with MobileMe's iDisk
Authored by: kartik.thapar on Dec 25, '10 03:29:26AM

I am sorry, I don't understand remote and local paths. What do they actually do?

Also, everytime I upload a file using transmit, my iDisk (Finder) seems to download it.
One way is to remove the idisk from the computer but I don't want that. Is there anyway transmit could copy these files to iDisk (finder) and iDisk (online fileservice) simultaneously?


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