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DasBoot 2.0 now supports Snow Leopard System
Another valuable free utility has gained Snow Leopard support, with the release of DasBoot 2.0.

This is a tool for making custom boot devices from a USB flash drive or other USB or FireWire media, including an iPod. It can import a variety of diagnostic utilities (Disk Warrior, Drive Genius, TechTool Pro and more) from their bootable install discs and configure them for use on the same device. You'll obviously need the appropriate license key to use commercial software.

It's also possible to update the installed software, so there is no need to burn a new disc every time one piece of software gets an update. This version of DasBoot works with 10.5 and up; there is also an older (1.0.3) version available for Tiger.

The only real limitation comes from the inability of PowerPC Macs to boot OS X from a USB drive. If you need to repair both Intel and PowerPC systems, a portable drive with a FireWire 400 (and possibly USB as well) interface is the way to go.

[crarko adds: I've used previous versions of this on both an 80 GB iPod and a small FireWire 400 drive, and it works great. Between this, AppleJack, and Winclone if you use BootCamp, it's easy to build a comprehensive repair and recovery suite. I've had to try to customize similar tools in the Windows world, and it's quite a bit more of a pain in the neck to accomplish.]
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DasBoot 2.0 now supports Snow Leopard
Authored by: Ezra Balaraj on Jul 15, '10 09:57:19AM

I am on Snow Leopard Op.Syst. I have bootable versions of Disk Warrior, Drive Genius and TechTool Pro 5. How do I install them into a Firewire 400 Drive to make it bootable?

It does sound silly! But I tried several times w/o success.


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DasBoot 2.0 now supports Snow Leopard
Authored by: gvibe06 on Jul 15, '10 04:44:34PM

Why do people always ask support questions on Blog/News Article comment section?

Wouldn't it be easier, maybe even logical, to contact the developer of the application being written about...considering they would be the ones who would have the answers?

I guess people just don't think before they announce what little common sense they have.

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DasBoot 2.0 now supports Snow Leopard
Authored by: houplagrundle on Jul 18, '10 12:34:24AM

when you format the drive, in disk utility go to partition and select options, for intel you need GUID partition table, for ppc apple partition map.
this is probably what DsBoot is doing behind the scenes

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DasBoot 2.0 now supports Snow Leopard
Authored by: David Allen on Jul 18, '10 03:51:27PM

You can boot PowerPC Macs with a USB drive. Attach the USB drive to the Mac and (re)start while pressing and holding the Option key. Select your USB startup volume in the Startup Manager and the PPC Mac will boot from it.

I have doe it since Tiger I believe.

Dah•veed |David Allen|
Monterrey, NL, Mexico

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DasBoot 2.0 now supports Snow Leopard
Authored by: TonyT on Jul 20, '10 04:24:22AM

Nice program, however, now that 8g and 16g flash drives are reasonably priced, might as well just install OS X directly on a USB (which is what I needed to do when it looked like DasBoot would never be upgraded for Leopard or Snow Leopard)

Edited on Jul 20, '10 04:31:30AM by TonyT

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Windows tools
Authored by: gabester on Jul 20, '10 08:53:12AM
While I hate to sound like a platform troll, having done a good bit of disk imaging on both platforms and needing to frequently troubleshoot, Microsoft's Windows Automated Install Toolkit (WAIK3), and the Deployment Toolkit (MDT2010) which both use WinPE actually do a pretty decent job of letting you build a custom platform for running most disk diagnostic tools. In fact, I have to say that while Disk Utility gets the job done well enough for the basics, MDT2010 really lets you leverage some nice enterprise automation. It's analogous to OS X Server's NetBoot, only the cost of entry is only that of a Win7 Pro license.

I'd really like to leverage some of the linux tools and use OS X better but Microsoft's documentation in this regard is pretty good - but then, it does what it's intended to do best, serve their enterprise customers.

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DasBoot 2.0 now supports Snow Leopard
Authored by: sprale on Jul 20, '10 09:32:26AM

Anyone else see DasBoot just freeze at the "Processing" screen?

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DasBoot 2.0 now supports Snow Leopard
Authored by: AMacGuy on Jul 22, '10 01:44:22PM

Your freeze is happening because you are attempting to use the Mac OS X installation DVD to build your boot device. The DasBoot manual specifically says you cannot use this disc because it doesn't contain all of the required libraries to create a bootable device with. You must use a 3rd party boot disk like those included with FileSalvage, Drive Genius, Disk Warrior and other applications.

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