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Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar Web Browsers
Someone asked in this thread in Apple discussions about adding a second Bookmarks Bar to Safari. There's not a way that I know of to do that, but Safari 5 is open to extensions, so we may soon see a third party extension that lets us do this.

Until then, there are other options to reclaim screen real estate in the Bookmarks Bar.

First of all, the obvious:

Short Names: Shorten the names of your bookmarks. If you can use just one letter to remind you of what it's for, great. That will save space. Also, if you hover over a bookmark, you'll soon see a tooltip telling you exactly where it goes. How: Right click on a bookmark and choose Edit Name. Type a new name and click OK.

Folders: Put things that you use less in folders. This way, you can fit as many things as you want into one Bookmarks Bar item. The drawback is that it takes a little longer to click them. How: Click the book icon in the left of your Bookmarks Bar. Click Bookmarks Bar from the list on the left. Click the + button below your list of bookmarks. Name the folder, and drag the bookmarks you want into it.

Next, the less obvious:

Keyboard Shortcuts: All bookmarks appear in the Bookmarks menu (in the Menu Bar at the very top of the screen). System Preferences lets you add keyboard shortcuts to any menu item. So, this means that you can take bookmarks that are either in your Bookmarks Bar, but not visible; or in your Bookmarks Menu, and activate them with a hotkey instead of the mouse.

How: First, make a bookmark for the site you want. Either put it in your Bookmarks Bar, and drag it off to the right until it's in the little >> menu; or put it in your Bookmarks Menu. Be sure to give it a unique name, i.e. one that isn't used by any other bookmark or menu item. Then, open System Preferences. (The following directions are tested in Snow Leopard, but shouldn't be too different for Leopard.) Go to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab of the Keyboard preferences pane. Click Application Shortcuts in the list on the left. Click the + button below the list of shortcuts. Set the Application: menu to Safari. For Menu Title: enter the name of the bookmark you just created. In the Keyboard Shortcut: box, press the shortcut you want to assign to the bookmark. Make sure that this shortcut isn't already used for something else (I recommend the Control key; it's pretty much unused). Quit and reopen Safari. You can now press the shortcut you chose instead of clicking the bookmark.

Note: you can do this for existing bookmarks, just use their name in System Preferences.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. The first two options are, as mentioned, well known, but the third seems a good hint and requires no additional software.]
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Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
Authored by: auco on Jul 08, '10 08:15:04AM

uh, well, would have been a better hint if it contained a hint :-/

btw, I am using Bookmark-folders named ★,☆ and  (eg for Mac OS X Hints), ♥ for my friend's blogs, ♪ for Music Bookmarks and a couple of other symbols like ✎, ↵ and Ξ

You'll find more in the character overview panel.

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Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
Authored by: Stork on Jul 08, '10 08:51:53AM

Now that's a great hint.

However, please describe how to get the symbols in the name. In all my years with Macs, I realized I've never used symbols. My main browser is Firefox. So, will your hint work with Firefox, too?

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Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
Authored by: auco on Jul 08, '10 10:39:02AM

of course this works with Firefox, too. Even on the iPad :)

Just open up the Bookmarks Editor and rename your folders. I think in Safari, you can also rename the folders with the context menu.

You can bring up the character palette if you go to System Settings - Locale (? Ländereinstellungen) - Keyboard and select the character palette to be shown alongside your selected keyboard in the system tray.
Or copy & paste from any website...

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Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
Authored by: negritude on Jul 08, '10 10:17:33PM

If you use Firefox, then this is also a solution:

Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar

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Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
Authored by: robleach on Jul 08, '10 09:26:35AM

Cool. Good idea. I added ⌂ for home, ✈ for travel, ☎ for phone books, and your ♪ for music. Any ideas for tools, work, accounts, videos, dancing, technology, & fonts? I looked through the character palette, but nothing jumped out at me for these.


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Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
Authored by: auco on Jul 08, '10 11:14:12AM

well, there are a couple of symbols for technical and other stuff, eg: ⌘⌨⎙ↀ☕⚠♼◷◳ ▄ ◙ ▶ ▸ ▣
Flowers: ❀ ✿ ❁ ✾
...the symbols of Yi-King 𝌎
...Braille-Dots ⡽⠑
and loads of arrows: ☟➲⬇⤵

And don't forget all the foreign languages ぺぴ〱ッㄛت ك
and simple pictograms from pictographic languages like Kanji 二人冂凵凶口巛山彡日曰田疒訁

Well, you get the idea...
...though some of them are quite tiny and not really useable. For Movies, I use "TV", btw :-)

There are also lots of custom fonts with icons out there (like Dingbats), but I'm quite sure they won't work as Bookmark Labels; but you can also use any special character that can be rendered with HTML and Unicode.

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Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
Authored by: reeses on Jul 08, '10 05:58:25PM

My favorites are arrows (→) for "send to"—such as Posterous—and ligatures. I also use ligatures to weasel in under the 140-character limit in Twitter. fl, ff, ffi, ffl, etc. are all nice little cheats when you're a character over and don't want to rephrase.

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Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
Authored by: iggybird on Jul 08, '10 08:17:21AM

I saw a version of the "Short Names" hints years ago and use it in conjunction with folders. As a result, I rarely have to go any further than my bookmarks bar for anything. The trick is to use symbols. For example, shift+option+k gives you the Apple logo (good for all things Apple related, of course) and $ would be for finance related sites. Pulling up Keyboard Viewer allows you to easily find a wide variety of symbols and their key combos, most of which are accessed using the option key or option+shift.

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Slightly [OT]: Keyboard Shortcuts For Bookmark Bar
Authored by: bonobo on Jul 08, '10 08:34:33AM
BTW you can use Command+[1-9] for the first 9 non-folder bookmarks—or Javascript bookmarklets, which makes this extremely useful for me.

For example I have
  • cmd+1: Go up one folder in the website hierarchy
  • cmd+2: Automated & timable reload of page
  • cmd+3: Turn all text URLs into hotlinks (clickable URLs)

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    Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
    Authored by: petersconsult on Jul 08, '10 08:50:41AM

    Call me a reactionary old-timer, but i still much prefer my Safari 4 beta with the 'tabs-on-top' (which can run side-by-side with Safari 4.x or 5.x).
    That'll save screen real-estate Big-Time!
    Here's the discussion about it:

    and here's a link to the beta (modified for Snow Leopard CodeSigning compatibility):

    Honestly, and i know everyone laughs at this, i've tried Safari 5 and yes, it's faster, but i really don't see a light-years difference. In fact, the tabs-on-top are far more an advantage than the 1 or 2 milliseconds i'd save by using Safari 5

    Edited on Jul 08, '10 09:08:48AM by petersconsult

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    Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
    Authored by: ottonomy on Jul 10, '10 07:45:16PM

    I think I cried every day for a month when Apple took away the tabs-on-top feature and didn't leave it even hidden in the code somewhere for us to unleash with the terminal... A simple checkbox in the prefs would have satisfied both sides of that raging argument... sigh...

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    Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
    Authored by: asmeurer on Jul 08, '10 02:39:25PM

    I haven't ever really paid much attention to making things fit when I put them on my bookmarks bar, but I still have more space there than I use (the right-most links are ones that I never use).

    Maybe it's because I use Glims to "bookmark" site I search on in the search bar instead of adding links to them in the bookmarks bar.

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    Menu Hotkeys
    Authored by: everkleer80 on Jul 09, '10 06:44:08AM

    Thanks for the hotkeys suggestion, don't know why I never thought of that!

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    Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
    Authored by: crisss1205 on Jul 09, '10 10:22:07AM
    I have created an extension that adds a new bookmarks bar and if you install the extension on multiple computers (Mac or PC) it will keep them in Sync so you have your bookmarks everywhere you go. Its still in development and its not finished yet but it works good. Its free for now.

    You can sign up here and download it.
    Edited on Jul 09, '10 10:24:20AM by crisss1205

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    Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
    Authored by: rgray on Jul 12, '10 07:47:25AM

    I'd like to be able to 'learn more' about this before having to sign up. Some more description on a page, a screenshot or two. I'd like a more to go on, more info, before handing over my data.

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    Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
    Authored by: crisss1205 on Jul 12, '10 08:05:24AM
    I know it sounds fishy but its just a little project I am working on while going to school. I am a 1 person developer who develops on his own. I designed many websites and currently have a couple of apps in the App Store.

    I have worked on websites like and some event sites for The Economist, You can learn more about me at

    You can visit for more info on the bookmark.

    If you would like you can use a fake email address such as, if you would like you can also just create a username without adding "". In cases where there is no e-mail address you would not be able to get your password recovered unless you can prove to me some other way that that is your account.
    Edited on Jul 12, '10 08:11:35AM by crisss1205

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    Save Space in Your Bookmarks Bar
    Authored by: placebo2040 on Aug 20, '10 09:06:02AM

    It would be easier if Apple implements the Bookmark's Favicons just like Opera or Firefox. That way you see an icon instead of words, I'm amazed Apple haven't done this since it's very intuitive and simple.

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