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Share an iCal JUST with the family on MobileMe Apps
Your family is signed up with MobileMe using the Family Pack and wants to share iCal calendars with each other but not the whole world. If you sync your calendars in the prefpane then they are also available to anyone who knows your username and can guess the calendar name. It's not a huge security leak but just the same, you can publish the calendar into your iDisk's Shared folder and it will be accessible to only the other Family Pack accounts (or those who know the login password) due to the way the iDisk Shared folder works -- analogous to the Shared folder within Mac OS X's Users folder, shared among the accounts but not any further.

This procedure comes from trying to find a way to use MobileMe to somewhat securely publish a calendar and there may be more security levels available than are mentioned here.
  • First, turn off calendar syncing in the MobileMe prefpane (System Preferences » MobileMe » Sync) so it won't be fully public.
  • In iCal, go to Calendar » Publish... » Publish on: A private server
  • Publish your calendar to following private server URL:, inserting your username and substituting the calendar name you want for MyCal.
  • You enter your MobileMe username and password as necessary.
  • The published URL will be webcal://, once again substituting your username and calendar file name.
When the other members of your FamilyPack subscribe they enter the URL as it's displayed but when asked for a username and password they enter their own so there is no need to reveal anyone else's password.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. Apple has recently made changes to MobileMe which may or may not affect this hint.]
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Share an iCal JUST with the family on MobileMe
Authored by: adrian.nier on Jul 02, '10 12:31:14PM
The information in this hint about calendars synced via the MobileMe preference pane being available to the public seems to be incorrect. This is what a member of the MobileMe support team told me when I asked about this:
Calendars are only potentially available when they are published via iCal, as this creates an http protocol by which one could, theoretically, guess the very long alphanumeric string and have access to the calendar. Again, this only applies to shared calendars; not synced calendars.

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Share an iCal JUST with the family on MobileMe
Authored by: j-beda on Jul 02, '10 10:52:13PM

I think that the hint's wording is a bit incorrect.

"Syncing" calendars via MobileMe has no great security risk, only the MobileMe account owner can get access to them via their MM password and login credentials. It seems as though the first step of turning off syncing is unnessary and defeats one of the main purposes of MM - namely syncing of calendars between a single person's various devices.

"Sharing" or "Publishing" your calendar via MobileMe and iCal does however create on the MobileMe servers, a read-only online web calendar and downloadable ics calendar file with no protection other than the obscurity of the calendar and user names. Maybe what the original author intended for the first step was to say something like: "If you are "publishing" the calendar in question, turn off the "publish/share this calendar" setting."

Putting the calendar file in a place accessible to other members of a "family" pack seems like a pretty good idea, but I have been using BusyCal and its integration with Google Calendar in order to share read/write calendars with family members, do doing it with iCal is unneeded by me.

Edited on Jul 02, '10 10:57:22PM by j-beda

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