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Add Project/Folder names to Aperture presets Apps
Here's a tip to automatically add the name of the Project or its parent folder to the filename during Import or Batch Change in Aperture.

In the past, I always used a custom field for adding my client's name to the filename upon Import, or batch changing versions or masters. But often I would forget to change the custom name, and since it's auto-populated with the previous entry, I'd end up with files that have the wrong client's name on them. Once I saw that with Aperture 3 you can add the Project name or Folder name when relocating referenced files to the new folder structure, I was excited to be able to do the same for the filenames at Import. Unfortunately, that's not the case. They're not an option when you create a custom file naming preset.

However, I examined the Aperture plist files, and found a workaround. I discovered the format string for Folder Name is %F and Project Name is %P. The trick is getting the code into the Format Field where you create the preset.

Create a new File Naming preset by selecting Version Name » Edit during Import or Batch Change. Drag everything you want in the filename into the Format field, and enter %F or %P where you want the Folder or Project name. The tricky part is that you can't insert it between two existing criteria; it only works at the very end. After you have it in place, you can drag the criteria around to get it in the order you want.

The alternative method is to insert the code directly into the plist. Always make sure you're working with a copy and have a good backup when you're poking around in such things. If you have trouble getting the code to take from within Aperture, you can try this. Same as above, create a new preset, but this time, enter an F or P where you want the Folder or Project name. Give it a unique preset name and save it. Then quit Aperture.

Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Aperture/FileNamingPresets.plist, make a backup copy of the file, then open it with the Property List Editor. Reveal the plist by clicking on the triangle and then find the item you wish to edit. You should recognize it by the preset name. Click in the FormatString field and insert the '%' character before the F or P you entered in the Format field. Save and you're done.

I discovered later that while both the Folder and Project name work just fine during Import, for some reason only the Project name works during a Batch Change. The Folder name simply gets a '-' in the filename.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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