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Zooming in Safari 5 maintains page positioning Web Browsers
I don't actually know if this is a new feature or if it's just a refinement to the zoom behavior, but in Safari 5 I've noticed that Zooming in or out (the Plus/Minus buttons) no longer keep the scroll at a set point but keeps it relative to where the page currently is.

In Safari 4, zooming would make everything bigger and your screen would appear to have jumped to some other point on a webpage as the text/pictures/video that were above pushed what you were looking at off screen. Now, zooming keeps what you were focussed on dead center while making everything bigger (or at least does a better job of it). It's a very minor change but it's greatly appreciated :) No more having to zoom and then re-scroll to where you were on a page.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. Safari 4 did have its fair share of wonky behaviors.]
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Zooming in Safari 5 maintains page positioning
Authored by: Edgecrusherr on Jun 14, '10 12:45:17PM

Speaking of zooming in Safari, my old my old Default Zoom Style Sheet (from a November hint: "Set default zoom level in Safari using a CSS file " no longer works in Safari 5. I choose the .css file "defaultzoom.css" that I made from said hint, Safari 5 zooms all the pages as expected, then after a few seconds, the file disappears from the Safari Advanced Preference option and all the pages drop back down to the default zoom. Can anyone help me and my eyes? Thank you!


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Zooming in Safari 5 maintains page positioning
Authored by: ipearx on Jun 14, '10 01:56:45PM

Note this only works if you have <b>not</b> selected "text only zoom" from the view menu. I wish it did.

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Zooming in Safari 5 maintains page positioning
Authored by: lsequeir on Jun 15, '10 07:00:23AM

I had wished for this for a while, especially in somewhat long pages.
Unfortunately, this (very desirable) behavior is apparently not always as it should. There is a situation where it actually works *worse* than Safari 4: when using an address that contains a target somewhere inside a page.

Take an address like this:
(this points to the comments on June 14, i.e. near the end of a long page with comments posted by date)

In Safari 4, if I zoom immediately after opening the page, it stays on the target, letting me read the June 14 comments with a font size appropriate for older eyes.

In Safari 5, it shifts wildly off the target (actually, it works more or less like Safari 4 did on most pages - or indeed in this same page, if I scroll a bit before zooming...)

So, at least on some cases (this is not the only example) the behavior is less than perfect. Somehow it is better in same pages, worse in others.


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Zooming in Safari 5 maintains page positioning
Authored by: dudemac on Jun 15, '10 07:39:44AM

Just doesn't work at all for me. I zoom and the page moves. Not the center of the page, but it moves up. Unless I am at the top of the page then it seems to work. Other than that, it's just like it was before.

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