Fix for poorly performing Magic Mouse on some Mac Pros

May 19, '10 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: watts

When the Magic Mouse came out, I was first in line at the Apple Store to try (and then buy) the heroic rodent that would spare me the aggravation of the Mighty Mouse. It worked fine at the store, but when I got home and tried it on my Mac Pro 1,1 machine, my unit was jumpy and stuttery -- essentially unusable. I read some reports on the Internet about how to make it work better using a USB Bluetooth module. I was just about to buy one when I found the suggestion below.

It turns out that the Magic Mouse is fine, it's the Mac Pro that has problems. This issue is not, as is commonly reported, that the metal case of the Mac Pro impedes the signal. In fact, the antennae are hooked up incorrectly in many of the units.

This is where I found the steps below:

A number of Mac Pros were shipped with the antennas incorrectly connected which led to many users to have Bluetooth connection problems. They were incorrectly connected as follows:

While the wireless signal worked fine this way, Bluetooth performance was seriously hampered.

I checked my motherboard and in fact, mine were incorrectly connected as listed above.

I powered down and reconnected the cables as follows: I had to remove the SATA drives and it took a few minutes of cursing to get my fat fingers to correctly position the microscopic connectors but I got it, rebooted, and I am now typing this with a wireless keyboard and magic mouse, both performing flawlessly!

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. We previously ran this hint and Kirk McElhearn documented the issue here. Since there are a lot of folks buying the Magic Mouse now, not knowing there is a general Bluetooth issue with these Macs, it seemed worthwhile to repeat it for the specific case here, if people are searching for the Magic Mouse.]

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