10.6: One possible fix for 3G ZTE modems in Snow Leopard

May 10, '10 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: agentx

Snow Leopard only hintI support quite a few people who use USB 3G dongles; many have moved to Snow Leopard, where some have been having problems. None of these people are having problems with Vodaphone, as they support the Mac very well, and have up-to-date 64-bit drivers.

We were having some troubles with ZTE 622 3G dongles on Snow Leopard, and here's one possible fix. I had a brain wave for these modems, though, as I support other clients on mobile broadband. I noticed that Vodaphone has a driver for ZTE products as part of their mobile connect suite (64-bit as well).

So I downloaded and installed those drivers as a test.

Rather than using the troublesome ZTE Connect, I used the Network System Preferences panel, added the ZTE modem port, and used *99# as number. Presto, a stable connection on 3G with no annoying pop-up saying the driver extension is incompatible or not installed correctly, etc.

Always make sure you disconnect from 3G before unplugging the modem, as you can otherwise cause a kernel panic.

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