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Sync Aperture library to iPhoto via AppleScript Apps
I have created two scripts to get sync your Aperture library to iPhoto. You can run either of these scripts, depending what you want to do. Of course, you can import any image from Aperture directly via iPhoto's Show Aperture Library menu. However, if you make any changes to any images imported, or if you add images to your imported albums, you will have to sync again -- and this is where these scripts could help you.

And note that importing directly from iPhoto there are some limitations:
  • If you drag and drop from Aperture to your Events Library, iPhoto won't create an album. Alternatively, if you want to create an album for you dragged-in Aperture photos, drag and drop them to the Albums section of iPhoto, and a new album will be created. (It won't have a name; you'll have to change theat after the drag and drop). This is a minor issue, of course.
  • A bigger problem is that when you import Aperture projects/albums that contain any stacks. When you do, iPhoto only imports the 'pick image' from the stack, and there's no way to import the others. So this is an important limitation.
The other way to import projects/albums to iPhoto is with these AppleScripts; in particular, the Aperture Albums script.

First, you'll need the scripts; they're linked in this blog entry on my site. After downloading, mount the disk image and run the installer.

To use the Aperture Albums script, create a new album in iPhoto with the name of your project or album in Aperture, select it, and run the script. The script is designed to sync projects/albums, and because of this (and the way it is implemented), when you select any empty album and run the script, all the images in the Aperture's projects/albums with the same name as those in iPhoto will be imported. So by running the script, you have imported your Aperture projects/albums to iPhoto.

After you have your Aperture projects/albums imported to iPhoto, it's time to use the scripts to get them be synced.
  • Aperture Albums script: When you select one or more albums in iPhoto, the script will search any images in iPhoto's albums that there are not in Aperture's albums, and will remove them from the albums (never from Library) and the opposite, so it will import these images into the albums. The script won't import any images already in the Library even though they are not in the albums; it will simply add them to the albums.
  • Aperture Thumbnails: Select any images or albums, and thumbnails will be synced by replacing the thumbnail file created by iPhoto with a new one that will be an alias of the Aperture alias. So any change in your Aperture images will be reflected in iPhoto in real time, not only for the image, but also for the thumbnail.

    When you have already used Aperture Albums to sync, you don't need to use Aperture Thumbnails to sync your thumbnails again -- this will already have been done by the script for the new images that it had imported. So only if you have imported any image through other ways do you need to run Aperture Thumbnails.
Note: One of the important things with this kind of import is that you need to import without copy (the script Aperture Albums does it automatically). That's because of the amount of disk space used, and because in other ways, you could not see your changes in Aperture through iPhoto.

For further details about the scripts, view the Read Me files on the disk image.

  1. Import your Aperture projects/albums by one of the above two methods.
  2. If you have chosen the first method, select your new images or albums in iPhoto and run Aperture Thumbnails.
  3. If you have chosen the second method, you don't have to do anything else.
  4. When you've made any changes to your images in Aperture, just run Aperture Thumbnails to sync these changes to your iPhoto thumbnails.
  5. When you've made any changes to your Aperture projects/albums (like adding new images or creating new versions), just run Aperture Albums.
[crarko adds: Version 1.1.1 of the Aperture Albums script requires the Satimage osax addition; version 1.1.2 removes this dependency. I've mirrored the source of the scripts [619KB], in case the original goes away. I've edited the hint a bit, as the original submitter's native language isn't English; hopefully I didn't mess anything up in the process.]
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