Introducing Craig Arko...

May 03, '10 07:15:00AM

Contributed by: crarko

Today marks the beginning of the transition of to a new (well, sort of new, as you'll see) editor. Macworld has hired Craig Arko (his ID here is crarko) as my replacement, and while he may be new to you, he's not new to me. Craig helped launch the Mac OS X Hints forum site way back in early 2002. He's been there ever since, helping keep the forum site one of the most useful destinations for those in need of help with OS X and related programs.

I'm thrilled that Craig is coming on board to manage hints; it's great having a familiar (to me), well known and knowledgeable replacement. For the next week or two, I'll be training Craig, so you'll see both 'robg adds' and 'crarko adds' on the editor's notes.

Soon, though, Craig will officially take the mantle of Mac OS X Hints editor in chief, and I'll become a regular hints contributor like the rest of you. I've had an amazing time with the site, and I'm confident that it will continue to thrive under Craig's oversight. Welcome aboard, Craig!

[crarko adds: Greetings, all! It will be a great honor to continue the tradition of Mac OSX Hints!]

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