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Some tips for using external batteries with laptops Laptop Macs
I have a Hypermac external 100W external battery for occasional use with my MacBook Pro (and sometimes iPhone). As is pointed out on Hypermac's website in their FAQ section, the best way to use their battery is to start with both a fully charged MacBook and a fully charged Hypermac battery.

This hint is mostly about using HardwareGrowler (available in the Extra's folder of the Growl disk image) to be made aware of which power source you're using. It also includes a little detail on using an external battery like Hypermac's, or more than likely, any other vendor's external battery.

If your MacBook battery has run down very much at all, the Hypermac will try to recharge it. If you are using the MacBook at the time, there will probably not be enough power for both charging and using, and this leads to a back-and-forth switch between charging and not charging. The worst situation is when your internal battery is completely dead, and the Hypermac battery runs down. At this point, your MacBook will think it is on external power, the internal battery will be completely flat but not charging, and when the Hypermac dies, your machine will just die too: no hibernation and no warning.

I would suggest using HardwareGrowler and setting its preferences to make changes in power source high priority alerts that stay on the screen. This way you know which source you are on -- you want to avoid the situation of having your internal battery at 0% while the Hypermac is charging your computer.

If you have a 0% internal battery, the best course of action is to power off the Mac. Leave it connected and charging from the Hypermac for as long as you can, then restart it and use it -- paying very careful attention to the internal battery level.
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Watts (power) vs. Watt-hours (energy)
Authored by: fx4m on Apr 23, '10 06:50:56PM

The battery is 100 Watt-hours (Wh) not 100 Watts (W). It it were 100 Watts it would have plenty of power (Watts) to charge the internal battery and run the laptop for some unknown amount of time.

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