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10.6: Mount remote Linux sshfs disks in 64-bit 10.6 System 10.6
Snow Leopard only hintThis week, I tried to mount a volume from my Linux server. I had ssh access, so I decided to use sshfs to mount it. THe Out-of-box solution was not working, so here is a complete guide.

First of all, you need to configure remote Linux server to support sftp and sshfs:
  1. Install Fuse; there is a good installation manual.
  2. Make sure you have the fuse kernel module compiled as a module; it is important: zcat /proc/config.gz|grep FUSE. If you see #CONFIG_FUSE_FS is not set, then you'll need to do this:
    $ cd /usr/src/linux
    $ make menuconfig
    File systems ---> Filesystem in Userspace support --> <M>
    $ make && make modules_install
    $ update-modules
    $ /etc/init.d/fuse start
Try it locally first; sshfs your_login@localhost: /mnt/test. If all works fine, then go to your Mac.

Installation of MacFUSE on 10.6 in 64-bit mode is a bit curious. MacFUSE- from the home site is not working -- the kext module is failing dependencies, so we have to build on our own. Make sure you have XCode installed. If not, get it from Apple's developer site for free. (Alternatively, if you don't want to build it yourself, you can try either my build (2.8MB), or this one (2.6MB) by Tomas Carnecky.)

To build your own, download the MacFUSE source, then do this in Terminal: $ cd core $ ./ -c Release -p 10.5 -t smalldist After building, go to /tmp and install MacFUSE .pkg.

Open the MacFUSE System Preferences panel and start MacFUSE, or load it by hand in Terminal: kextload fusefs.kext. Next install a GUI for disk mounting - MacFusion. This too needs to be fixed:
$ cd /Applications/
$ mv
That's all, folks! Start Macfusion and mount remote sshfs volumes.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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10.6: Mount remote Linux sshfs disks in 64-bit 10.6 | 5 comments | Create New Account
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10.6: Mount remote Linux sshfs disks in 64-bit 10.6
Authored by: sapporo on Apr 20, '10 07:59:17AM

Why would you need to install Fuse on the Linux server? Doesn't make much sense to me.

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10.6: Mount remote Linux sshfs disks in 64-bit 10.6
Authored by: ssgelm on Apr 20, '10 07:59:18AM

For what it's worth, I don't think that FUSE support on the remote system is necessary. What is necessary is having sshd properly running on it.

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10.6: Mount remote Linux sshfs disks in 64-bit 10.6
Authored by: GoGades on Apr 20, '10 08:12:08AM

This tip is partially wrong.

You don't need to have fuse installed on the linux server. As long as you have sshd running on the server, and you can scp to the linux box from the Mac, then there is no additional work needed on the server side.

To test, from the Mac in Terminal: scp somelocalfile username@linuxserver:~
If the file is successfully copied to the linux server, then you are good to go with installing fuse/sshfs on the Mac.

If the above fails, it's likely that sshd is not running. Enabling it varies from distribution to distribution.

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10.6: Mount remote Linux sshfs disks in 64-bit 10.6
Authored by: shunuk on Apr 20, '10 04:01:31PM

I concur. Fuse is completely unnecessary on the remote system as it is purely an interface to accessing a remote or non-native filesystem. It isn't some sort of VPN system (especially as it isn't just used in Client/Server situations but in accessing filesystems on local drives and volumes) but a middle man interface that requires a functioning transfer protocol server (or drive in the case of local hardware).

The rest of the advice is fine. To be honest there are 3 separate FUSE related options:

MacFuse ( + SSHFS (

ExpanDrive (Commercial app built on MacFuse) which has built-in support for SSH/SFTP and FTP.

MacFusion (Freeware app with more reliable downloads available at GitHub - which also has built-in support for SSH/SFTP and FTP

All of the above will give you the same effect so that you can appear to work locally on a remote location.

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10.6: Mount remote Linux sshfs disks in 64-bit 10.6
Authored by: gbk on Dec 10, '10 02:06:24AM

DO NOT FOLLOW THIS HINT. You are running the risk of corrupting any filesystem mounted with MacFUSE.

This hint suggests building MacFUSE for the 64-bit MacOS kernel. The git repository referenced is an untested fork of the original code, with some patches to enable _building_ on 64-bit (just because it builds doesn't mean it will work, and if you don't understand why, then you really shouldn't be downloading and building random code on someone else's say-so).

There is no official 64-bit version of the MacFUSE kernel extension: building your own one (or downloading an unofficial build) will set you on the path to eventual filesystem corruption. Read the last bullet point in the first email on this thread (from MacFUSE's creator, Amit Singh):

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