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Automatically clean up Amazon MP3 downloads Apps
By default, the Amazon MP3 Downloader application will automatically add downloaded files to iTunes for you. Also by default, it doesn't clean up the downloaded files once they're copied into your iTunes library. You can correct this by changing the Downloader to use iTunes' built-in 'Add to iTunes' functionality.

In the Preferences of Amazon's MP3 Downloader app, do this:
  1. Change the 'Save Downloads To' directory to the 'Automatically Add to iTunes' sub-folder of your iTunes Media folder.
  2. Uncheck 'Add downloaded tracks to iTunes.'
The next time you download an Amazon MP3 purchase, a dialog will appear when complete telling you where to find your files. If you have it reveal the folder, no files will be there because they've already been added to iTunes. Therefore, check the 'Never show again' box of this dialog.

iTunes will now automatically add any files put in this folder and delete them when done, so you no longer have to worry about duplicates lying around.
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Awesome suggestion!!!
Authored by: VesperDEM on Apr 09, '10 08:02:48AM

Thats a great suggestion. It never occurred to me to do this, yet I knew all the pieces were in place to do it. I was going to create a special Hazel rule to do this, but now I don't need to.

Again, thanks for stating the obvious for those of us who can't see the nose on our faces! :)

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How to set up 'Automatically Add...' folder
Authored by: rcschafer on Apr 09, '10 08:50:05AM

If your iTunes library doesn't contain a 'Automatically Add to iTunes' folder you can create it by selecting 'File->Organize Library...' and checking 'Upgrade to iTunes Media organization' in the resulting dialog.

More info on the new iTunes Media layout here.

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How to set up 'Automatically Add...' folder
Authored by: TigerKR on Apr 13, '10 08:26:32PM

Great hint! I just freed up 50GB!

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Automatically clean up Amazon MP3 downloads
Authored by: hypert on Apr 09, '10 09:47:38AM

I think this hint only applies if you also have iTunes configured to automatically copy newly added songs to the iTunes library.

I do NOT have iTunes configured to do that. Wherever you play a song from, that's where it gets added to iTunes. Thankfully, you can move/rename the file (on the same hard drive) and iTunes will still know where it is.

My Amazon downloader just downloads into my main iTunes music folder, and it adds the music to iTunes. There are no duplicates.

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Automatically clean up Amazon MP3 downloads
Authored by: Casey4147 on Apr 09, '10 02:35:32PM

Okay, my AppleScript skills are sorely lacking, thus this post.

I prefer to keep my iTunes tracks as AAC. First thing I do after downloading from and the downloader copies the tracks over is sort my files by type, select all MP3s, and convert to AAC. Of course, I have the safety net of having the original MP3s backed up in the download directory.

Any suggestions on automatically converting the files in the new "Import to iTunes" watch-folder to AAC based on this? My need of keeping a backup of the original MP3 is optional. Thanks!

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Automatically clean up Amazon MP3 downloads
Authored by: Clause on Apr 10, '10 11:31:50PM

I typed a response detailing why you shouldn't transcode lossy to lossy, but I dropped it because I'm really just curious... why would you do that?
You've got storage.
The files are kinda small to begin with - even a small iPod can get you along for more than a day on 256k MP3s.

If it's for organizing, there are so many better ways.

I really don't see why you'd want to double-rape those media files en-masse, on the spot.

Google why re-encoding mp3s is horrible. Formats don't matter when transcoding - you're still taking a grainy filtered photo and putting another grainy filter on it, which can only lose more detail.

Hard drives are cheap; your ears aren't. Treat (and feed) them well.

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Automatically clean up Amazon MP3 downloads
Authored by: pgor on Apr 11, '10 08:51:35AM

My first attempt would be an Automator workflow: Create a Folder Action workflow, and process each of the files with the "Import Audio Files" action, which has an option for the encoder to use.

Haven't tried it myself, but it seems a logical first step/giant leap toward what you want.


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Automatically clean up Amazon MP3 downloads
Authored by: NoComment on Apr 12, '10 06:38:40AM

Oh, you shouldn't convert any lossy format into another one, you will loose even more information. And yeah, you will hear that. Maybe not with your current equipment, but maybe one day you get a grip on a really good in-ear headphone, you will bite you a.. if you once hear what you've lost by this conversion.

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