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Prevent Google Chrome's updater from running Web Browsers
An earlier hint I found said to use Lingon to edit the launchd file and remove Google's updater task from the Chrome browser. It works great until the next time you run Chrome.

To foil Google/Chrome once and for all, use Lingon to disable the launchd task, and then go to your user's Library/Google folder and delete the contents of GoogleSoftwareUpdate. Not done yet -- now you must use Terminal to prevent the next launch of Chrome from re-establishing the task.

In a Terminal window, cd ~/Library/Google and type chmod 111 GoogleSoftwareUpdate. (I couldn't figure out how to use Finder to remove read/write privilege for myself on my own folder). Now the whole folder is write locked, and Chrome can't reload the software update contents, and it won't recreate the launchd task either.

Please note you now have to update Chrome yourself.

[robg adds: I'm not sure which hint the author is referring to; there aren't any here that mention Chrome and Lingon. The closest I could find was this one, which was about the updater relative to Google Earth. The section in that hint about removing the launchd files would be applicable to this hint as well.]
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Prevent Google Chrome's updater from running
Authored by: hzc on Apr 16, '10 08:24:42AM

This is precisely why I haven't tried Chrome yet and don't use Google software anymore... because not only do they not provide an easy way to disable the software updates, but if you try to disable them yourself, the software tries to undo your configuration as if you didn't know what you were doing. How insulting. If I didn't know what I was doing, I surely wouldn't be tampering with launchd.

Anyway, good hint.

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Prevent Google Chrome's updater from running
Authored by: Alrescha on Apr 16, '10 09:07:21AM

I second this. I no longer use Google software or have it installed on any of my devices. If they stop with this mandatory update business, I may reconsider.


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Prevent Google Chrome's updater from running
Authored by: DotNetGuru on Apr 16, '10 11:25:40AM

I think this is the same this with the Google tool bar. I keep disabling it from the start up menu but every time I re-boot my PC, the Google updater is always back in there and running.

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Prevent Google Chrome's updater from running
Authored by: borgendorf on Apr 16, '10 12:15:56PM

I actually appreciate not having to worry about updating Chrome. It's one of the things I prefer about it from other browsers. I use Hardware Growler to show when volumes mount and every now and then I'll notice a Chrome volume mounting and unmounting as it updates. I'm not trying to negate anyone else's good reasons for not wanting auto-updates; just wanted to post that I appreciate the functionality.

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit Flies like a banana.

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Why not simply set the preference to not auto update?
Authored by: rodneyweston on Apr 16, '10 08:56:10PM

Chrome only enables auto-update if you tell it to! Simply uninstall Chrome completely - and then remember to NOT give it permission to update when it asks you on reinstallation...

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Prevent Google Chrome's updater from running
Authored by: Fairly on Apr 17, '10 04:52:47AM

That 111 won't stop more ambitous code. You're doing this through your own account; the folder is surely owned by you as well. Meaning any process running on your account can remove what you put on it. And you only need 100 most likely. Use sudo chown to change the ownership to root and/or sudo chflags to make it system immutable and system no unlink, then you have something.

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Prevent Google Chrome's updater from running
Authored by: hrbrmstr on Apr 21, '10 03:46:54AM

I described and built a non-Lingon method that also makes it easy to utilize Google's update method manually to keep you current:

Still not a fan of software that does things on the sly.

Mind the gap...

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just use launchctl
Authored by: BjarneDM on May 04, '10 10:48:21AM

It's more than enough to just disable the plist. The Google applications only checks for the presence of this file when launched. They - at present at least - don't check the contents of the file to see whether the 'disable' flag is present and set.

Modifying the plist directly doesn't stop the google updater from running until you log out and then in again.

To immediately get the updater to stop running and at the same time diable it permanently just issue these two commands in Terminal:

cd ~/Library/LaunchAgents
launchctl unload -w
You'll have to do this for each account on your computer after having run a google application for the first time.

The other steps specified in the hint are completely un-necessary.

Besides using Lingon you can also use the Apple plist Editor that you get with the Developer Tools ; or just a plain text editor of your chois - even nano and vi

These are the same concerns, problems and solutions as to the problem of Apple checking dashboard widgets through a background process as described here :
Disable the dashboardadvisory-daemon
FYI: How To Disable Apple's "Dashboard Advisor"

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Prevent Google Chrome's updater from running
Authored by: macspectrum on Feb 05, '11 01:32:03PM

tried the lanchctl command but got a funny reply;

MBP:LaunchAgents michael$ launchctl unload -w
launchctl: Couldn't stat(""): No such file or directory
nothing found to unload
MBP:LaunchAgents michael$

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Prevent Google Chrome's updater from running
Authored by: fferitt25 on Dec 13, '13 01:24:10PM

So every time I switch computers I usually go through and reset all the crazy custom tweaks I had on the last machine - usch as disabling Google Chrome's auto-update nonsense. I found this HINT via a Web Search.

It blocked the bulk of the HINT w/ some message about a survey or logging into various social media acounts to see the remaider of the HINT. I opted to NOT fill out the bullsh*t form that MAC OS X HINTS tossed at me - closed out the window and proceeded to go directly to MAC OS X HINTS Site and search inside the Site for the Article.

Among various other things falling apart about this Site - your search mechanism is getting very old and broken. Needless to say I obviously found the HINT I was looking for - it remedied my issue w/ my Mac and I never saw the annoyance form that was originally presented to me from the external search.

Is MACWORLD really that hard up to get all sorts of nonsense data about their Users trying to access reference information on a section of their reference Site ?

I really really miss the OLD MAC OS X HINTS before IDG messed it up. Do big companies really have to F up everything they get their hands on ?

FYI - the hint still works. So thanks to the OP for this!

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