Some tips on using Tascam USB audio/MIDI interfaces

Mar 23, '10 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: cycomachead

So, this is a bit of an obscure hint, as it's pretty limited, but if anyone uses a Tascam interface, like the US-122 series or the US-144, for recording or output, here are some usability tips.

  1. Make sure the unit firmware and OS X drivers are up to date.
  2. Sometimes it seems like the unit won't receive enough power. There is a very simple fix for this: Unplug your unit from the USB port and switch Phantom power to Off. Plug the unit back into your Mac, and once it's powered up, then turn on Phantom power. Everything should stay fine.

    It seems that on more recent Macs (Unibody, and some pre-Unibodies) that Apple's power manager doesn't like to give too much power to a single USB port. By keeping the Phantom power off when plugging it in, the computer doesn't know the full power required, and is more than willing to give the unit all the power it needs when the switch is on. Others online have suggested a powered USB hub, and indeed this works, but for my purposes, I want to use the unit away from an outlet.
I've tested this with a Tascam US-122mkII. However, the US-122L, US-122, US-144mkII, US-144L and US-144 are all similar. The US-100 should follow for the same rules, but also doesn't require as much power to begin with.

I've had no driver issues running 10.6.2 and using driver version 2, with device firmware version 2.01. All the updates are available at the Tascam site. I'm currently using a Unibody 13" MacBook Pro (Jun 09 introduction), and have confirmed this with the front and back USB port. Testing on my iMac, the same rules apply.

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