Poll updates - iPad results and new Intel/PowerPC survey

Mar 10, '10 06:15:00AM

Contributed by: robg

Two poll updates today. First, I've posted a new poll about the mix of Macs you're presently using -- Intel (via Apple), Intel (via build-it-yourself), PowerPC, or some mix of the above. I'm curious to see not only the mix of Intel and PowerPC, but how many are using self-built Intel powered Macs.

The second poll update is that the iPad interest poll has now closed, with just over 10,000 votes. Of those who voted, nearly 44% are planning on buying iPad 1.0 when it comes out in April, with a virtual tie (two votes' difference) between then cheapest and the most expensive versions for the most-popular spot (11.3% each). In total, Mac OS X Hints readers will be buying at least (as the poll didn't allow for more than one purchase) $2.92 million worth of iPads!

An additional 29% claim they'll buy the second generation iPad -- add that to those buying the first generation, and you've got about 73% of the respondents owning an iPad. I'll admit this is a much higher figure than I was expecting, and seems to indicate (at least among the Hints readership) that the iPad has a bright future.

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