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Poll updates - iPad results and new Intel/PowerPC survey Site News
Two poll updates today. First, I've posted a new poll about the mix of Macs you're presently using -- Intel (via Apple), Intel (via build-it-yourself), PowerPC, or some mix of the above. I'm curious to see not only the mix of Intel and PowerPC, but how many are using self-built Intel powered Macs.

The second poll update is that the iPad interest poll has now closed, with just over 10,000 votes. Of those who voted, nearly 44% are planning on buying iPad 1.0 when it comes out in April, with a virtual tie (two votes' difference) between then cheapest and the most expensive versions for the most-popular spot (11.3% each). In total, Mac OS X Hints readers will be buying at least (as the poll didn't allow for more than one purchase) $2.92 million worth of iPads!

An additional 29% claim they'll buy the second generation iPad -- add that to those buying the first generation, and you've got about 73% of the respondents owning an iPad. I'll admit this is a much higher figure than I was expecting, and seems to indicate (at least among the Hints readership) that the iPad has a bright future.
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Poll updates - iPad results and new Intel/PowerPC survey
Authored by: CyberSkull on Mar 10, '10 06:45:45AM

We only have PowerPC Macs in my house. It will be some time yet until I can buy a new MacBook. In the meantime, my PowerBook is running fine.

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iPad results
Authored by: fyngyrz on Mar 10, '10 07:44:06AM

Yeah, that bright future -- for me, at least -- is because they didn't include a camera or an IR emitter in generation one. Means that for a great deal of the functionality I want for a couch unit, I'll have to get something else, and at least I *hope* it'll be an iPad. It sure isn't gen 1.

These errors were outright unbelievable to me.

Ol' Steve want's us to use this on the couch, and what are most couches cluttered up with? Remotes. No IR emitter, no remote capability. Oy.

And no camera -- no bar code reading, no product ID, no conferencing, no video chatting, no feeding iPhoto (or Aperture, which is what I use), no spur of the moment snap shots...

The whole no camera thing... incomprehensible.

So, gen 2 is where I have placed my hopes. In the meantime, gen 1 will have to do.


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