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Create an iCal reminder for the next SuperDuper! backup Apps
I got the idea to put this together after reading an article on TUAW about creating iCal ToDo’s with AppleScript. I remembered that SuperDuper! supports running shell scripts before and after a copy job, so I thought it would be nice to script myself a reminder to clone again in two weeks.

First save this code as a shell script (
arch -i386 osascript << EOF
set theSummary to "Backup HDD with SuperDuper!"
set bkpDate to (current date) + 14 * days
tell application "iCal"
  make todo at end of events of (item 1 of every calendar) with properties {summary:theSummary, due date:bkpDate}
end tell
Next, in Terminal, make it executable with chmod a+x, then run it to make sure it works for you: ./ Now launch SuperDuper!, and under Advanced Options, check the box to 'Run a shell script after copy completes,' and browse to your script. Create a copy to make sure everything completes successfully. Note that this has only been tested on Mac OSX 10.6.2 with a 64-bit kernel, but it should work elsewhere.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Authored by: LewInVT on Mar 02, '10 04:44:19AM

Why go to the trouble of creating a script when...'s so easy to create a repeating event in iCal with an alarm?

...SuperDuper! has it's own very flexible scheduler allowing it to run, basically, on autopilot?

Note: hope everyone is doing backups more often than once every two weeks.


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Authored by: ChipMck on Mar 02, '10 06:43:48AM

Just because you have a repeating iCal event, that does mean that you will be on the computer at that time (vacation, hospital, etc.).

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Why & Shellscript trouble
Authored by: rocketmouse on Mar 02, '10 03:05:28PM

Why - because I for one need a reminder to turn on the external drive *before* SuperDuper! does its thing.
I'm missing some subtlety about that shellscript. I can't get it to run. Not surprising as I haven't yet learned much about how to do such things - any helpful links?

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