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Edit Google Chrome's 'Other' bookmarks Web Browsers
Google Chrome for Mac (in beta) doesn't yet give you a way to mass edit bookmarks in your Other Bookmarks folder. (You can click the yellow star next to a bookmarked page once it's loaded to edit each bookmark one at a time, but that's tedious.) As a workaround, you can do mass edits in TextEdit (or most any other text editor).
  1. Turn off Bookmark Syncing If you have the developer build of Chrome (which allows you to sync your bookmarks to Google Docs), turn off Bookmark Sync by going to Chrome » Preferences » Personal Stuff, and click Stop Syncing This Account. You can turn sync back on after you've edited your bookmarks, but it will add back your old ones (the edited version will be kept, but the old one will be added as well).
  2. Quit Google Chrome
  3. Find the file to edit Go to your user's Library » Application Support » Google » Chrome » Default folder. Open the Bookmarks file in TextEdit -- this is the one with no extension, not the Bookmarks.bak file.
  4. Edit your bookmarks To edit things in your Other Bookmarks folder, scroll down to where a slightly less-indented line than the others says "other": {. I used the Find command (cmd-f) to find that section quickly. Now, find the bookmark you want to edit within that section, and edit it as follows:

    Change the name: Find the line that says, "name": "Gmail",, for example. Change the Gmail part to the name you want the bookmark to have.

    Change the URL: Find the line that says "url": "", for example. Change the to the URL you want the bookmark to lead to.
Things like Date Added, Date Modified, Type, and ID are not things that I know how to change. To delete a bookmark, remove all of the info about it, from the first { to the ending } (or }, if it's the last bookmark). Good luck, and happy bookmarking!
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Edit Google Chrome's 'Other' bookmarks
Authored by: Typhoon14 on Feb 09, '10 09:39:03AM

The last several dev builds include a full bookmark manager. Furthermore, Chrome is due for a new beta update any day now that will bring that manager to the beta channel. If you love using an unstable browser, you may as well subscribe to the dev channel and get a bookmark manager today. Seems like a lot less trouble than using this hintů

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Edit Google Chrome's 'Other' bookmarks
Authored by: solefald on Feb 09, '10 10:33:01AM

I was just gonna write the same thing, but you beat me to it.

+1 on Dev builds.

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Edit Google Chrome's 'Other' bookmarks
Authored by: unforeseen:X11 on Feb 09, '10 10:46:10AM

Same here. Use Chromium!

this is not the sig you`re looking for.

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Edit Google Chrome's 'Other' bookmarks
Authored by: arkayn on Feb 09, '10 01:24:10PM

Ditto # 4 from me.

5.0.307.5 dev runs just fine for me, when I use it of course.

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Edit Google Chrome's 'Other' bookmarks
Authored by: jerrykrinock on Jul 08, '10 03:01:15AM

Over a year later: I don't think this solution will work in the current version of Chrome because Google has added a checksum. If you just casually edit the text, Chrome will disregard the file as corrupt.

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