View next unread message in a Mail window via the keyboard

Jan 14, '10 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: khelmar

I've seen similar hints for this before, but none worked when a message was open in a window, rather than when using the Preview pane. I hate working with the Preview pane, so this was preventing me from using those hints.

However, by modifying others' AppleScripts, I came up with the following, which closes the current message window, then opens the next unread message:

tell application "Mail" to try
  tell window 1 to close
  tell message viewer 1 to set selected messages to {first message of beginning of (get selected mailboxes) whose read status is false}
  tell message viewer 1 to open selected messages
on error
end try
To make this work via the keyboard, you'll need to use something like FastScripts to assign it to a hotkey.

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