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Hide the GrowlTunes menu bar icon Apps
I found this really simple tip (which I also posted on my blog) that describes how to disable the GrowlTunes menu bar icon. In Terminal, copy and paste this command:
defaults write com.growl.growltunes GrowlTunesWithoutMenu 1
Relaunch GrowlTunes, and the menu bar icon is no longer displayed. Note that after making this change, you no longer have access to the GrowlTunes menu bar functions. You can still quit the app by opening Activity Monitor, selecting GrowlTunes, and clicking Quit Process.

To reverse this change, type the same command, but with a 0 at the end, instead of a 1.
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Hide the GrowlTunes menu bar icon
Authored by: redhedded1 on Jan 04, '10 10:12:01AM

This doesn't work on OS 10.6.2 with Growl/GrowlTunes 1.2

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Hide the GrowlTunes menu bar icon
Authored by: skonesam2 on Jan 04, '10 12:32:46PM

Worked fine for me. I ran the terminal command after first quitting GrowlTunes (v1.2).

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Hide the GrowlTunes menu bar icon
Authored by: leamanc on Jan 04, '10 08:44:55PM

Works for me...Snow Leopard 10.6.2, Growl/GrowlTunes 1.2, and I also quit GrowlTunes before running the command.

This is very nice, because GrowlTunes' menu does very little besides take up space.

Now I would like for HardwareGrowler to not show up in my Dock or in the cmd-tab app switcher. Need to try that old hint that makes an app not display in the Dock. If that works, I will be a 100% happy Growl user.

(As a side note, Apple should really just buy Growl and incorporate it into the OS. I can't imagine OS X without it anymore, and other modern OSes are incorporating similar notification functionality.)

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Hide the GrowlTunes menu bar icon
Authored by: adsharp on Jan 05, '10 04:29:17AM

I had some problems the first time I tried it. You'll know if it's worked if a com.growl.growltunes entry appears in ~/Library/Preferences. I'm not 100% how many tries it took me to get it working, but sounds like quitting GrowlTunes first will help.

Also note that if it's been successful the command

defaults read com.growl.growltunes
returns the expected results.

Pays to double-check spelling too, I mucked it up first time round. ;)

You can also try defaults write / defaults read with the -v switch to get some more useful feedback if you're still having issues.


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Hide the GrowlTunes menu bar icon
Authored by: satanicmonkey on Jul 09, '10 09:12:13AM

Still doesn't work for me.

defaults read com.growl.growltunes


GrowlTunesWithoutMenu = 1;

as expected. Any help?

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Hide the GrowlTunes menu bar icon
Authored by: ksolo03 on Jan 05, '10 07:19:05PM

I know this is off the subject but,,,,,,, I have followed all links, sites yahda yahda and I still have NOT gotten back my scanner after I installed SNOW LEOPARD. I have an HP C4385 can you oe anyone pls help me, I need to scan time sheets for my job.

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Hide the GrowlTunes menu bar icon
Authored by: pcronin on Mar 24, '11 07:54:49AM
I could also not get this to work and finally I found out that the solution was that the preferences filename case was the problem. The command as written did not work for me, but when I capitalized it differently, as:

defaults write com.Growl.GrowlTunes GrowlTunesWithoutMenu 0

(note the capital G's in Growl and GrowlTunes, as well as the capital T in GrowlTunes)

then it worked. Hope this helps someone.

AH! Perhaps this affected me because my filesystem is Mac OS Extended (Case-Sensitive, Journaled)

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