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One possible cause of a slow-to-launch iPhoto Apps
It suddenly took was taking iPhoto over a minute to load on my machine, with the spinning wheel visible during this whole time. This went on for days. I read various solutions online, and tried turning off program options.

Eventually, I found a solution to the problem. In iPhoto's Preferences, on the Sharing tab,I disabled both sharing options (looking for and sharing). iPhoto then loaded nearly instantly.

[robg adds: I don't know if this is a widespread issue; I have sharing enabled on my two main machines here, and both seem to load iPhoto with no change in launch time based on this setting. I suspect a broader network issue is behind the problem, but if you're trying to troubleshoot slow iPhoto launch times, this may be worth trying.]
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One possible cause of a slow-to-launch iPhoto
Authored by: Coumerelli on Dec 31, '09 08:47:15AM

We were having a similar issue on our iMac so I just copied iPhoto from my MacBook to it and trashed the original one. Works great now.

Problem: When it was first opened we'd get the spinning beach ball of death (SBOD) for a good minute or so, then it would seem to act fine for scrolling etc. If we wanted to magnify a photo (double-click) it would get real funky and not act right. It would hang indefinitely until I hit the right combination of escape and/or enter and clicking. Maybe I'd have to stand on my right foot and poke my tongue out, too. Just really strange.

"The best way to accelerate a PC is 9.8 m/s2"

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One possible cause of a slow-to-launch iPhoto
Authored by: zwoelfelf on Jan 01, '10 02:27:01AM

Thanks, that solved the problem for me (MacBook Air, no further computers on WLAN)

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One possible cause of a slow-to-launch iPhoto
Authored by: apikoros on Jan 01, '10 06:34:03PM

I wasn't experiencing the kind of lengthy delays cited above, but iPhoto's launch was pokey on both my early 2006 Intel iMac running 10.6.2, and my wife's 2007 MacBook running 10.5.7. "Look for" had been enabled on both. Unchecking it did speed up launch noticeably on both machines. Thanks for the tip.

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One possible cause of a slow-to-launch iPhoto
Authored by: Nicode70 on Jan 02, '10 01:25:59AM

Worked for me!

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One possible cause of a slow-to-launch iPhoto
Authored by: on Jan 04, '10 07:41:15AM

I experienced the same though I don't know that I can attribute it to sharing functionality...

In any event, the hang occurred while on my VPN where my machine has no general 'net access. iPhoto would sit for what-seemed-like-forever before I usually killed it.

However, if I am not on the VPN, iPhoto launches instantly.

This could be related to sharing or 'welcome screen' loading...

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One possible cause of a slow-to-launch iPhoto
Authored by: slide16 on Jan 06, '10 02:28:26PM

Turning off Item Count in settings helps too.

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One possible cause of a slow-to-launch iPhoto
Authored by: Howard Brazee on Jan 13, '10 10:48:35AM

This would be different if iPhoto handled multiple users well.

I like logging into my wife's iPhoto and adding some photos, but our photos are separate, not combined. Not useful.

So instead I chronosync her library to my computer (one way) so that I can look at photos, while always making changes to hers only.

A multiple user iPhoto with the option of having one combined library would be very nice.

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One possible cause of a slow-to-launch iPhoto
Authored by: retractable on Feb 03, '10 06:52:28AM
Great. I have been having these problems with my Air retractable lanyard

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My iPhoto Library Renovation - One possible cause of a slow-to-launch iPhoto
Authored by: iPhoto Hater on Feb 03, '10 08:49:14PM


Edited on Feb 03, '10 08:50:24PM by iPhoto Hater

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My iPhoto Library Renovation - One possible cause of a slow-to-launch iPhoto
Authored by: iPhoto Hater on Feb 03, '10 08:49:30PM

Hi guys! Steve Jobs here!


It's year 2010, a time when we're supposed to be driving electric cars, solving famine problem, curing diseases, having peace in the middle east, yadda yadda, yet it's hard to believe that this iPhoto problem continues to piss off loyal Mac heads. I've had this iPhoto problem since my family photos accumulated in several thousands back in 2007 but I only recently grew a brain and dreamt of a few solutions so I registered yet to another forum (ggrrrr) so that I can share my wisdom.

Most of you already know that too many photos slow down iPhoto but what most of you don't know is HOW too many photos slow it down, which I'll try to explain later. Worse of all, you're stuck with a BLOATED iPhoto Library that's too big to archive to 4.7GB DVD -R discs. My solutions were only conceived from the need to back up my iPhoto Library to DVD -R. But first, I decided I wanted export all the raw photo files into several folders (not the ENTIRE library) to divide them to fit in 4.7 GB DVD -R discs. Some of you are cool enough to have 9GB DVD burners, but not I.

EXPORT PHOTOS...DO NOT DRAG & DROP THEM into folders because you will get underscored filenames

Before you EXPORT all your photos into folders be sure to consider if your camera's alphanumeric NAME stamp has not turned over back to zero. Otherwise the computer will start asking you if you would like a duplicate of photo # CIMG0001.jpg (stamped as the first photo you took) to be replaced with CIMG0001.jpg, (the first photo of the first turnover of your camera). DO NOT CLICK "REPLACE" . And if you click CANCEL, it will take forever to delete the photos again! about the same time it took to EXPORT them in the first place. This will waste a lot of your time! My old digital camera turned over at # CIMG9999.jpg so I created 3 folders named after my camera brand, so starts as "Casio" and the whole name would be

-Casio First Turnover Photos
-Casio First Turnover Videos
-Casio First Turnover WAVs

-Casio Second Turnover Photos
-Casio Second Turnover Videos
-Casio Second Turnover WAVs

-Casio After HDD Crash 1 Photos

And when I get that coolass Nikon Digital SLR w/video, the archive folders will become (you guessed it) "Nikon First Turnover Photos" and so on.

So let's archive the videos first!

1) Organize your library in "KIND"

2) Control Click on "Casio First Turnover Videos" folder and choose "Get Info" so while you drop your files you can check if that folder is reaching DVD -R disc limit.

3) Next, DRAG & DROP all of your video files into your "VIDEOS" folders. Don't know why videos can be added to the library if you can't edit or even view them in iPhotos.. Let alone EXPORT VIDEOS? Duh! Then delete the videos from the library so it would be easier to deal with photos alone later. I believe the VIDEOS' THUMBNAILS takes up a lot of HDD space and a big part of slowing iPhoto . But do not empty your iPhoto Trash can yet incase you have any doubts .

Next Photos!

4) Control Click on "Casio First Turnover Photos" folder and choose "Get Info" AGAIN so while you EXPORT your chosen files you can check if that folder is reaching DVD -R disc limit.

NOTE: You will notice iPhoto renamed any ROTATED, CROPPED & ENHANCED PHOTOS with an underscore _ and a number because it's not the original. ie: CIMG0001_1.jpg If you do not want the filenames changed, I say START FRESH AND REVERT ALL PHOTOS BACK TO ORIGINAL... this will prevent loading renamed files when you create smaller and faster libraries for these photos. See "FASTER iPHOTO LIBRARY"

5) You will have to dump all photos into one big Film Roll and later recreate new Film Rolls names.

6) SORT your photos by NAME

7) Select the Photos to EXPORT. You will see the size of the selected Photos on the bottom left corner in "Information" but it's a good habit to check the folder size in Get Info.

8) Audio files aren't allowed in the library as you already know but it's good to keep them with that camera's Photos and Videos for future iMovie and iDVD projects.

BOOM! you're ready to burn to DVD!

But is iPhoto any faster now? Fnck No!


If you want to speed up iPhoto, you'll need to chop that bloated iPhoto Library into small chewy chunks! This will mean:

-Creating NEW LIBRARIES.. which means...

-....Doing away with the ability to REVERT TO ORIGINALs

-Losing your comments and ratings made in your first original BLOATED library and adding them to the new libraries.

- Re-creating New Film Rolls

-Having to work with only 4GB of photos per library

and many others PITA I can't think of at the moment

KEEP IN MIND: The thing that SLOW DOWN iPHOTO is not only the AMOUNT OF PHOTOS in the library! There are a few other things:



-ALL ORIGINAL PHOTOS stashed away after ROTATING and ENHANCING into NEW photos


Let's deal with the ROTATING problem first!

1) Create a WORK LIBRARY where you dump the new photos and ROTATE them. This WORK LIBRARY will be new and small without any ORIGINALS saved into it will be very FAST to WORK in.

2) DO NOT ADD VIDEO or AUDIO files. Create Video and Audio ARCHIVE FOLDERS and stash them away from the get-go. YOU ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED TO STORE THESE FILES IN THE iPHOTO! no way, Jose!

3) It's up to you if you want to enhance the new photo at this time or create another library specifically for PHOTO ENHANCEMENTS and CROPPING. Once you finish ROTATING all the photos in the WORK LIBRARY, EXPORT all of them into (you guessed it!) ARCHIVE FOLDERS to burn later.

4) Then DELETE this WORK LIBRARY because it contains too many UN-ROTATED and UN-ENHANCED, UNCROPPED photos! You will no longer be able REVERT TO ORIGINAL after deleting this library.

5) Next, CREATE a FRESH iPHOTO LIBRARY. This is the library that you will use to choose Photos for iMovie and iDVD projects.

6) PROMISE YOURSELF NEVER TO EXCEED this New Library's SIZE OF A 4.7 GB DISC! Any larger would probably be too slow for macs with low memory. 4.7GB will allow you to BURN the ENTIRE LIBRARY to DVD! how cool is that? So, you'll have raw photos on one DVD and iPHOTO LIBRARY of the same photos on another DVD.

7) Take the NEW photos you added in the ARCHIVE FOLDERS and add them to your fresh new LIBRARY!

8) If you need to ENHANCE some photos from this new library, DO NOT DO IT IN THIS LIBRARY! Create new WORK LIBRARY and it will be up to you if you want to save this WORK LIBRARY with UN-ENHANCED photos or delete it and commit your photos in enhanced state. Also, EXPORTING from a WORK LIBRARY will prevent iPhoto renaming photos with underscored filenames!

And that's it! Instead of having one GIGANTIC IPHOTO now will have many small iPhoto Libraries without too many Thumbnails & ZERO Videos, and will be capable of burning these libraries to 4.7GB DVDs

If you like my solutions, please pass it on to other frustrated iPhoto Haters!

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