An IR command for exiting Front Row via EyeTV remote

Dec 16, '09 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: harrywubah

I am using a Harmony One to control my Mac mini as a media centre. I have eyeTV running constantly, and when Front Row comes up, EyeTV just pauses. After playing with the pyeTV plugin -- I found it was not really reliable for some reason or another (great app tho and kudos to the devs; keep working on it) -- I went in search of another solution.

So I have an EyeTV Diversity tuner setup, and have programmed all of my Apple remote and eyeTV remote control commands into my Harmony One. The only thing that was causing me grief was exiting from Front Row, as there is no one single command on the Apple remote control (you have to click the Menu button some number of times).

Well it seems that the EyeTV Diversity remote control does have an IR command that exits Front Row immediately -- it's the Fast Backward button! The Fast Backward button on the EyeTV remote control sends the correct command to exit FrontrRow immediately (equivalent to pressing Command-Q on a keyboard).

Hopefully this will help some other people out there with a similar problem. For me, it was that last piece of the puzzle.

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