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10.6: Restore features on older multifunction printers Printers
Snow Leopard only hintWith Snow Leopard, some multifunction printers will only print, because the new drivers from Apple do not support any other functions. But you can still get some older models to work, provided they were released prior to the switch to Intel in 2006.

I managed to get my HP PSC 1110 printer to work this way under Snow Leopard:
  1. Get the new Apple printer driver for your model using Software Update and install it.
  2. Install Rosetta, if you haven't done so already.
  3. Make a backup of your system, in case something goes wrong.
  4. If you don't have the PowerPC driver and software (not the Universal version) from the CD or DVD that came with your printer, get it from the manufacturer's website.
  5. Install the software as normal. This will give you a second printer for your model of printer in System Preferences. It should also install all the related scanning software, etc.
Now test if it works. As an added bonus, I have an old PowerPC program on my system which crashes every time I try to print from it to the 'new' printer, but it works fine with the 'old' one. (Note: for ink printers, you mght need to realign the catridges).

Perhaps it would also work if you force the scan programs to start in PowerPC mode (by deleting the Intel configuaration using e.g. Tinker Tool System), but I haven't tried that.
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10.6: Restore features on older multifunction printers
Authored by: hankk on Nov 25, '09 08:30:29AM

I don't think that PowerPC/Intel makes any difference. When the 10.6.2 update stopped my HP 2600n LaserJet working (all colors print as solid black), I just re-installed the old drivers from HP and was back in business. I don't have Rosetta installed, and the drivers I installed (from 2007) are universal binaries.

Edited on Nov 25, '09 08:31:28AM by hankk

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10.6: Restore features on older multifunction printers
Authored by: Robert Hancock on Nov 25, '09 01:30:41PM

Here's an easier solution (for me at least).
1. Put SD memory card in printer slot.
2. Press Scan button on all-in-one.
3. Select SD card as save destination
4. Press OK.
5. Wait until SD card appears on Mac desktop and drag scan file to desktop
6. REMEMBER to NEVER buy another HP all-in-one after HP cynically made older models obsolescent!

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10.6: Restore features on older multifunction printers
Authored by: amaloney on Nov 25, '09 02:14:29PM

I have a DeskJet 970c with a duplex component.
With Leopard the duplex function ceased to function, and continues to fail.
As you noted, HP is no help.
Gutenprint and Foomatic do not provide the duplex function.
I resent the attempt to force me to throw away a good printer.
It is ecologically, and economically (at least from my point of view) unsound.
I will never purchase an HP product again.
What brand(s) does the readership recommend?
Or - does anyone have a solution?

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10.6: Restore features on older multifunction printers
Authored by: PizzaCake on Nov 26, '09 12:10:22PM

sadly, a lot of manufacturers get up to these shenanigans. My Canonscan is unsupported in 10.5+. I dual boot ubuntu for when I need to use it.

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10.6: Restore features on older multifunction printers
Authored by: kmschindler on Nov 26, '09 12:26:47AM

Epson ended up on my blacklist, because they never came up with a native Intel driver for the scanners like the Perfection 1650. Their ridiculous advice was to run the Photoshop or GraphicConverter in emulation mode.

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10.6: Restore features on older multifunction printers
Authored by: Sven G on Nov 26, '09 02:36:09AM

Another multifunction device for which there is currently little or no support is the HP OfficeJet G85 (and G55/G95): the proprietary HP drivers fully work only up to Tiger PPC (and partially with Leopard PPC), and there have been no subsequent Universal drivers; it should work for printing with Gutenprint or HPIJS, but in pratice it doesn't, at least through USB (maybe because the OJ G85 has a nonstandard USB implementation?).

So, I ended up buying an OfficeJet 6310 - quite similar and with good current support from HP - for printing, faxing and scanning; even if I still use the old one from time to time, mostly as a standalone device.

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10.6: Restore features on older multifunction printers
Authored by: allygill on Nov 26, '09 02:58:25AM

Regarding the HP970CXI duplex function - I found some software which fixes this. You'll have to pay for it, but for me it was a no-brainer because I just didn't want to get rid of a perfectly good printer just because HP are failing their customers. The s/w is called PrintFab and it does a load of other things which is why it costs. See my Apple Harvest blog for further info (

[UPDATE: Apologies that this has gone in the main stream not as a reply to the comment. First time I've posted to this site ;-) ]

Edited on Nov 26, '09 03:00:46AM by allygill

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10.6: Restore features on older multifunction printers
Authored by: barry3199 on Sep 27, '10 10:09:30AM

Thanks for recommending print fab! It got my HP 970 cxi duplexing again with snow leopard (free 30 day trial).

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10.6: Restore features on older multifunction printers
Authored by: jjardoino on Nov 27, '09 11:25:34AM

I found another way to restore printer functions in 10.6. I found it after installing the true Canon driver for my S800 (because the Gutenprint driver supplied by Apple is very bad and prints dark pages). I could print with the Canon driver, but not access to the printer's options. But the printed result was much better than with the Gutenprint driver.

Then I discovered that, when printing with an app which was runned in 32 bits mode, I had access to all the printer's options (quality, choice of paper...). The Canon driver for S800 is not given to be compatible with 10.6, but it works with 10.6. It's not 64 bits.

When opening the print window in an app which works in 32 bit mode, I could save presets (one in standard quality, another in maximum quality) and I tried theses presets with an app in 64 bits mode (Preview). I printed a photo twice, using the two presets. The printing with maximum quality was nice. So I could verify that the parameters of the presets were correctly handled when printing.

When the app works in 32 bits mode, I can print with all options. When the app is able to work in 64 bits mode, I have the choice :

- I can print while staying in 64 bits mode with the presets I save
- or I can quit the app, run it in 32 bits mode and then access to all the options for the printer.

I know, the S800 isn't a multifunction, but I think that the question is the same with multifunction printers. If the options are disabled, it's because they can't be accessed inside an app in 64 bits mode. Run it in 32 bits mode, or choose an app which only runs in 32 bits mode to prepare and save presets you'll be able to use in apps running in 64 bits mode.


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10.6: Restore features on older multifunction printers
Authored by: UberFu on Nov 30, '09 07:51:09AM

First off - if everyone starts boycotting the major brands - HP - Canon - Epson - etc... nobody will be prionting anything.

I would avoid the likes of Lexmark like the plague.

In any event - something occured to me as I was reading - Has anyone bothered to try and go thru the CUPS system built into OS X ?

It tends to give you a little more control than the default OSX interface does.

Home Page:

List of connected Printers:

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