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Unstick Stickies from a Space Apps
If you launch Stickies and create a new note, it sticks that note to the Space where it was created. If you click the Stickies icon in the Dock to make another note, the system will move you back to that Space. Fine, except that if you usually work on Space 1 and you end up with all your Stickies on Space 3, for example, they are "out of sight, out of mind" -- not what you want in a reminder. Notes won't drag off the edge of a screen onto another Space like normal windows, nor do they respond to the "click-hold-control-number" method of switching a window to another Space. There doesn't seem to be any way to get your Stickies back to your main Space.

You can use Spaces' All Spaces view (F8) to drag Stickies notes between Spaces, but that's slow. (It's OK if you want to move just one or two notes between Spaces). But if you want to quickly consolidate all your notes, quit Stickies, return to your main Space, and relaunch Stickies. This will bring all the notes into your main Space.
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Unstick Stickies from a Space
Authored by: jwyner on Oct 27, '09 07:54:40AM

This is true not just for Stickies but for any app that you haven't locked to a specific space using the Spaces Preference Pane.

I can't help but wonder, though, if you use Stickies regularly for general notes that you want visible at all times, why not just set Stickies to All Spaces in the pref pane?

- Josh

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them."
-- Albert Einstein

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Unstick Stickies from a Space
Authored by: OverZealous on Oct 27, '09 08:43:26AM

Another way (that might be quicker) is to open spaces, then hold Command before dragging your stickies. This moves all of them at once.

Although I agree with the comment above that you should just stick them to all spaces!

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Unstick Stickies from a Space
Authored by: Nem on Oct 27, '09 09:33:55AM

Yet another reason why I think Spaces is broken.

I yearn for the days of VirtueDesktop - now that was a nice virtual desktop application! It actually worked.

Nem W. Schlecht

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Unstick Stickies from a Space
Authored by: Dr. T on Oct 27, '09 11:23:01AM

Use the Exposť & Spaces Pref Pane to assign Stickies to Space 1. This problem will never recur.

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Stickies and Spaces
Authored by: ApathySidecar on Jul 26, '10 12:08:37PM

I was having issues with this myself, wanting to display all my stickies over all applications in all spaces. To do this, we begin by assign Stickies to every space in the Expose & Spaces section of the System preferences. It will not apply this setting to existing notes, however. To remedy this, simply cut and paste any existing notes to a new note(s). All new notes will be in every space you work in, preventing you from losing them amongst your work. Once this is taken care of, I recommend setting all new notes to Floating window and Translucent window. Keep in mind that stickies will not show up in Expose, so they will be difficult to find behind other applications if you are used to an E&S interface setup. It takes but a minute and saved me a lot of frustration as a religious stickies user.

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