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Transfer clipboard contents from one Mac to another System
When transferring small bits of text to another machine, I used to use email. Then my email would fill up with annoying little bits of text. The following Terminal command will transfer the text from the clipboard a computer that can be reached by ssh. This method only transfers plain text, but that is 90% of my needs. (If anyone figures out formatted text or pics, let me know!)

In Terminal, type this:
pbpaste | ssh user@hostname 'pbcopy'
Alternatively, I might want to keep the text in a file on the distant computer. This works for that purpose:
pbpaste | ssh user@hostname 'cat > ~/file_name.txt'
[robg adds: For true clipboard sharing between machines, I'm partial to PTHPasteboard Pro, whichh makes it simple to keep two or more machine's clipboards in sync -- text and graphics are both handled with ease. There are numerous other solutions out there, too, such as DropCopy (which is also very useful for transferring files).]
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Transfer clipboard contents from one Mac to another | 14 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: gabester on Oct 08, '09 07:55:27AM

This is great information, but raises another question for me; namely, short of email or an IM client is there an easy way to get clipboard information to a Windows PC (I know, I know, RDC will do the trick as well.)

Actually I'd be satisfied with an IM client that could work off bonjour/rendezvous/openconf on Windows that would accept file transfers from iChat as well as IMs.

Please accept my advance apologies for any hijacking of the hint this results in!

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Authored by: Black on Oct 08, '09 08:30:55AM

I use two tools that I find invaluable for working in a mixed environment. I run my mac alongside both linux and windows machines that are all integrated into a seamless looking display. I use Synergy, which shares the keyboard, mouse, and clipboard across all of the platforms. It won't copy files, and moving things like styled text across platforms isn't going to work, but for most general things it works well (and could also be a good solution for the original submitter as well).

The second tool I use is Dropbox. All of my machines share my Dropbox account and when I want to move files around I just pop it into the Dropbox folder and it is (almost) instantly available on all of the other machines. Sure I could duplicate this with some kind of network mapped drive, but Dropbox needed no configuration, no mounting scripts, and is just drop dead simple (it also has other neat tricks like web access to your files, versioning, and now an iPhone app). Sorry if it sounds like a sales pitch, I'm just a happy user.

Anyway, that is how I move data around between multiple machines with multiple OSs and I do it constantly without thinking about it all day long. The assumption, of course, of these solutions is full access to and long term use of the machines in question.

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Dropbox and other web 2.0 apps
Authored by: gabester on Oct 08, '09 10:26:30AM

I've heard of Dropbox before but honestly, I'm a bit adverse to putting my content out there on "the internets". I'm looking for a solution that can work without an external internet connection or a login to some kind of service; hence the specification of bonjour/openconf - I'm just looking for something to accomplish this on the local network quickly and easily.

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Dropbox and other web 2.0 apps
Authored by: leamanc on Oct 08, '09 04:52:50PM

I understand your wariness. What happens if everyone sticks with Dropbox's free 2 GB and nobody buys any extra space?

I am a big Dropbox advocate too, like the GP poster, but am also keeping a copy of my Dropbox sync'ed to my server occasionally.

That said, it's hard not to love Dropbox. They really get this whole "cloud" business right, and it's so seamless across Mac, Windows and Linux. I really can't live without it now.

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Transfer clipboard contents from one Mac to another
Authored by: jfm429 on Oct 08, '09 08:34:25AM
I like Stuf, by The Escapers ( because it tracks almost everything that gets copied as well as shares between the computers. In addition, the license is pretty flexible - $12.99 per license, and you need one per Mac OR one per user, whichever is lower. So if you have a hundred Macs but only you use them, you only need one license. Or if you have three Macs and a hundred people use them, you only need three licenses. PTHPasteboard looks good, but for me it's overkill unless you need all the text transformation tools - in all my time programming and designing websites I've never felt like I needed those types of filters. To each his own.

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Transfer clipboard contents from one Mac to another
Authored by: gregraven on Oct 08, '09 05:05:02PM

I use what is -- for me -- an even simpler method. I have BBEdit on my home machine, and TextWrangler on my remote machines. I open the text file locally in BBEdit, and establish a VNC connection with the remote machine. I then open a remote text file in TextWrangler. I highlight the text in the local file (in BBEdit), select the VNC/Screen Sharing window, and then drag-n-drop the text from the BBEdit window on my local machine into the TextWrangler window on the remote machine. It may sound to be a lot of steps, but often I'm doing "cut and try" cgi scripts, so I have to repeat this process over and over until everything is just so. Sending e-mails or waiting for a PTHPasteboard (which I love) to update seems to take longer.

Greg Raven
Apple Valley, CA

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Transfer clipboard contents from one Mac to another
Authored by: chimerical on Oct 08, '09 06:01:40PM

I use Google Notebook to transfer clipboard contents, but this entry's technique seems more convenient between two Macs.

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Transfer clipboard contents from one Mac to another
Authored by: gballey on Oct 08, '09 09:10:03PM
teleport (donation-ware) will also sync the clipboard on multiple Macs, as well as let you drag files back and forth between them. It's primary function is to let you operate two Macs from a single keyboard and mouse.

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Send images solved
Authored by: David_Hoelzer on Oct 08, '09 09:58:45PM
What you ask to do is very easy to solve. Take advantage of the old standbys that we used to use twenty years ago! To send a clipboard containing binary content (including images) try this:

pbpaste | uuencode -m Clipboard | ssh 'uudecode -p | pbcopy'

The "Clipboard" in there is a required internal filename for uuencode. The -m for uuencode forces it to use Base64. The -p for uudecode tells it to send the result to standard output rather than creating a file called "Clipboard".


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Transfer clipboard contents from one Mac to another
Authored by: Bedhead on Oct 09, '09 11:10:28AM
I've been using ClipboardSharing since 10.3 (currently on 10.5) to easily share my clipboard between Macs on my LAN. I especially find it useful for storing and retrieving the last n clipboards (I think the limit is 25).

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Transfer clipboard contents from one Mac to another
Authored by: sjha on Oct 09, '09 11:39:11AM

Clipboard Sharing is still working for me on Snow Leopard 10.6.1

Steve Ashcroft

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Transfer clipboard contents from one Mac to another
Authored by: meylet on Jun 10, '10 04:20:26AM

To copy text only clipboards across multiple Macs and other platforms (Windows, Linux, ..) I can recommend this java based little open-source utility here:

You'll need a Java 1.5 or higher run-time to run it, and a means already to share file system/folders between your computers. That given you can run it on any operating system.

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Transfer clipboard contents from one Mac to another
Authored by: meylet on Jun 10, '10 07:08:48AM
Here is the correct (ie. clickable) link .

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