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10.6: Tear off iCal event editing windows Apps
So we have all read that Snow Leopard's iCal has at least three ways to view/edit an event's details. We have 10.5's bubble style, iCal's Advanced » Open Events in Separate Windows preference, and the Edit » Show Inspector menu item.

Here's a twist, if you are in the bubble window mode, you can click and drag the window. Once you move it a short distance away, it becomes a separate window. You can do this to multiple events, to compare details of two or more events.

[robg adds: In 10.5, you could drag the bubble window and it would detach, but it wouldn't convert into a normal window, and you could still only have one such window open at a time.]
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10.6: Tear off iCal event editing windows
Authored by: drtofu on Oct 07, '09 08:37:33AM

A nice touch is that tearing off the event windowlet into edit mode.

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10.6: Tear off iCal event editing windows
Authored by: robogobo on Oct 07, '09 12:34:47PM

Great hint. I was a little annoyed when they took away the simple double click to edit. This almost makes up for it.

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10.6: Tear off iCal event editing windows
Authored by: John M on Oct 07, '09 01:11:36PM

You can show the separate edit window in iCal 4.0 by default. From iCal's edit menu select "Show Inspector".

To get events to open in separate windows in edit mode, open iCal's Preferences and go to Advanced and check the box 'Open events in separate windows'.

John M

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10.6: Tear off iCal event editing windows
Authored by: rootdr on Oct 08, '09 06:53:12AM

Huzzah! You are the genius! ***** 5 star rating for this comment!

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10.6: Tear off iCal event editing windows
Authored by: WaltFrench on Oct 07, '09 02:45:59PM

Thanks! to the poster & commenters so I now (w/ the "separate windows" option) can just double-click on an event to edit it.

Now, if I could only make the slightest sense whatsoever of how tabbing between events' fields works. Say I create my Steering Committee conference call by double-clicking on a date. Type name, tab to ... the start time's AM/PM field. Click back, fix the start time assumed, then tab to... the End Time's AM/PM field. Because I must want to change a meeting that starts at 4PM to end on the same day at 5:00 —>AM<— ?!?

Gotta click around to do the most frequent thing one ever does with manual data entry. As a seasoned Mac user, I won't listen to "Apple s/w quality has slipped" (whoever said that never used System 7 or 8), but boy, they have children doing the design these days.

While I'm started, who else double-clicks on a date to create a new event, but occasionally hits [Return] after creating the event name, then needs to painstakingly go back into Edit mode to insert any content? Whatever happened to Bruce Tognazzini and MacOS 1.0's marvelous "Don't Mode Me In, Bro!" Human Guidelines?

"Inquiring Minds Want to Know!" ©

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10.6: Tear off iCal event editing windows
Authored by: jiclark on Oct 07, '09 06:07:44PM

Walt, you are so right on it's not even funny!

As I've said for years now, it's painfully obvious that Apple's iCal team can't possibly USE the software they develop, or it wouldn't work the way it does!

I use some slightly more esoteric keyboard commands to get around the issues you describe. Shift-tab is your friend (no, your savior!) in these cases. I've been shift-tabbing around so long in iCal that it didn't even occur to me just how assinine their tab functionality is!!

I almost posted a similar rant earlier, but decided against it. Your post made me realize I had to post in support...

My frustrations go more to the odd things in the new interface, like the Show button at the bottom of the Inspector... Huh? What in the hell could that button be FOR?? If you're viewing an event's details in that panel, it's already showing, right? I can't get it to do anything! Weird...

But your point about the odd tab behavior is the primary thing that baffles and frustrates me as well. Yes, they've fixed some things, but why they can't make it work so someone can actually USE it efficiently, boggles the mind...


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10.6: Tear off iCal event editing windows
Authored by: thisisme on Oct 08, '09 12:54:02AM

That's strange, for me as far as I can tell tabbing works fine, it goes through all the fields in order. Maybe it's because I use 24 hour time, so there is no am/pm field.
Also the show button moves the selection in the main window to the date of the event. I.e. if you tear off a bubble to convert it into an inspector window, you can then change the month etc. in the main window so that the event is no longer showing - clicking the show button brings it back and selects it.

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10.6: Tear off iCal event editing windows
Authored by: sharakan on Oct 11, '09 03:17:50PM

Do you have the " Tab to move keyboard focus between:" preference set to "All controls" instead of just "Text boxes and lists only"? It's in the Keyboard Shortcuts pane of the Keyboard preference pane. I have it set to "All controls", and even though I use 12-hour time (i.e. I do have am/pm fields), tabbing works correctly for me when editing iCal events.

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