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10.6: Create standalone PDFs from Preview's sidebar Apps
In 10.5's version of Preview, when working with PDFs, if you tried to drag one of the thumbnails from the sidebar to your Desktop, the end result was Picture clipping file.

In Preview in 10.6, though, dragging a page or pages from the sidebar of a PDF document to your Desktop now creates a new, standalone PDF with those selected pages in it, instead of a useless clipping file.
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10.6: Create standalone PDFs from Preview's sidebar | 8 comments | Create New Account
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10.6: Create standalone PDFs from Preview's sidebar
Authored by: ingulsrud on Oct 05, '09 09:01:20AM

Standalone means the PDF is embedded in a reader. This hint points out how to extract pages from within a PDF.

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10.6: Create standalone PDFs from Preview's sidebar
Authored by: jimrattray on Oct 05, '09 10:09:50AM

I have tried this on 2 MBPs running 10.6.1 and it has not worked. When pages are dargged to desktop, the + symbol appears indicating a copy is being made, but no file ever appears on the desktop.

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10.6: Create standalone PDFs from Preview's sidebar
Authored by: jamietshaw on Oct 05, '09 11:22:25AM

Dragging a PDF page results in a file of that page named <PDF filename>(dragged).pdf, <PDF filename>(dragged) 1.pdf etc.

Interestingly, dragging some text from something like Safari still creates a clipping file, but you can now actually select and copy the text within the clipping. About time!

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10.6: Create standalone PDFs from Preview's sidebar
Authored by: zo219 on Oct 06, '09 10:03:47PM

Select and copy text from within a clipping? Yea! Finally!

Thanks for pointing this out!

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Doesn't work here either...
Authored by: slb on Oct 05, '09 11:35:30AM

Doesn't work here wither, while it does indeed chose the green "+"
Very odd behavior...

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MacWorld Video With This Feature
Authored by: DCJ001 on Oct 05, '09 12:02:11PM
Here's a MacWorld video showing this feature and additional tips:

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10.6: Create standalone PDFs from Preview's sidebar
Authored by: nigbo on Oct 06, '09 02:56:30AM
Great tip.
it works with Pdf-Version 1.3
it does not work with Pdf-Version 1.6 as created by Distiller.

Workaround: "save as..." and you create a new file, which is Pdf-Version 1.3

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10.6: Create standalone PDFs from Preview's sidebar
Authored by: Barrios123 on Oct 15, '11 11:30:31PM

If you have Mac OS 10.6 or above Snow Leopard, you can use the sidebar to make a multipage PDF. You won’t need any special software! To start you need a junk PDF of anything. It is important that this 1st item be a PDF- just open anything, select print and then save as PDF. When you close it you will see it on your desktop as a PDF. You will be deleting this PDF soon.

1. Open your junk PDF and select from the view menu: show sidebar. If this item were not a PDF you would not see that option. Your goal is make a multipage PDF- like a booklet- not a bunch of separate PDF’s that have to be printed and saved as separate pages. Once you share the book, others can print any individual pages or just let them all be printed- no margin issues! The way you tell the software to make this one multipage PDF is by adding each page on top of the 1st one in reverse order. Heres how you do this:

2. So far you have just your ‘throw away, one page PDF on the upper right side sidebar column. You need to select the page you want last in your finished work and drag it below the junk PDF- do not put it on top of the one to be thrown away. You now have 2 separate pages that will not be combined.

3. Trash the top one- the junk PDF- it’s history. Just highlight it and delete it. You still have the one that had been just below it which will later be your last page. You must add the pages to your finished PDF in reverse order for them to show up and print in the opposite, or correct, order. If you make any mistakes adding pages just remember to highlight, select, the page to discard and then delete. each new page or image need not be a PDF. All will be converted later automatically!

4. Select the pages one in a time from last to 1st and drag them on top of what you have. This makes them bound together. If you see something that looks like 2 or more bindings on the side of a page then you missed and created separate books instead of one. Just delete the extra book(s), and make sure to drop each new one in the right order directly on top of the previous one.

5. After you’ve added the page that will be page one select: save ALL. This will combine them as one gig PDF where all can be printed and/or viewed as individual pages.

6. Rename the whole thing or whatever the name was you had for page one will be the name of the entire PDF. You naming the book. The separate pages don’t need names anymore.

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