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Cue and trigger audio along with Keynote presentation Apps
I want to control a Keynote slideshow, clicking whenever I'm done with a slide to go to the next one. I want music tracks to play over several slides, then fade out and have another track come up for the next slides. Keynote doesn't do this, pity (feel free to let them know this would be good). I've got my Keynote slideshow (or I will, now that I've figured this out), so what about the music?

I put my music in order in an iTunes playlist. Then I checked the "Allow Exposť, Dashboard and others to use screen" checkbox on the Slideshow tab of Keynote's preferences. This allows the iTunes playlist to be controlled with hotkeys during the show, advancing the music whenever I want to move to the next song during my slideshow. I have to hit two buttons (one for the slides, one for the song), and it would be much easier if Keynote would just do it, but I think this will work for me.

Finally, I installed an AppleScript that fades an iTunes track and starts the next one, so that's a nicer transition; good enough for now. I had to use Quicksilver to assign the hot key, though, because Apple's System Preference hot key assigner wouldn't recognize it. (I may have to edit the script to eliminate its onscreen growl notification, but I don't think it's showing up over the presentation, so whatever.)

Hope that helps. I got inspiration from these threads: Is Keynote a dead loss when it comes to music?, Can Mainstage 2 drive Apple Keynote, or other video/slides?, and How come Keynote can't control two sound files?.
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Cue and trigger audio along with Keynote presentation
Authored by: prometheus76 on Sep 24, '09 07:55:09AM

I am just curious why you don't make the photo montages with music in imovie. It's a very simple process, allows for crossfading music, and you can time the photos perfectly. Then, just make a quicktime and play the quicktime back in Keynote.

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Cue and trigger audio along with Keynote presentation
Authored by: Unsoluble on Sep 24, '09 08:41:03AM

Because then you have no in-the-moment control over the timing.

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Cue and trigger audio along with Keynote presentation
Authored by: bronskrat on Sep 24, '09 09:16:19AM

Can you trigger the next slide with your voice? Like say something scripted at the end of slide x that'll cause the next slide to pop up?

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Cue and trigger audio along with Keynote presentation
Authored by: on Sep 25, '09 12:03:07AM
Thanks to the author as he refers the discussions at the Apple Support site.

Keep an eye @ , posted sept 14th, as Bruce Triggs says it fails and crash his MBP...

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Cue and trigger audio along with Keynote presentation
Authored by: Scripter12 on Sep 25, '09 11:18:39PM
I haven't tried this beyond a simple test, but an alternate method would be to have an AppleScript running continuously in the background making use of these two commands to trigger the script to change the audio when certain slides are displayed.

	get slide number of current slide of slideshow 1
	get playing of slideshow 1
The first command gets the slide number of the currently viewed slide. The second tells whether the slideshow is playing or not. If you make a small table of page numbers indicating where you want a transition to take place then the script would be able to modify the soundtrack according to the slide being played. Here is a simple example:

global Not_yet
set Not_yet to true
on idle
	tell application "Keynote"
		if playing of slideshow 1 is true then
			if Not_yet and (slide number of current slide of slideshow 1 is 5) then
				set Not_yet to false
			end if
		end if
	end tell
	return 1
end idle
Save this script as a an application and set the option for it to stay open. When run it will beep once when slide 5 is shown in a presentation. Replace beep with some code controlling iTunes and put in a more elaborate checker for the slide number and you should be good to go. Return 1 causes this to execute once per second. You might want to change that as needed.

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Cue and trigger audio along with Keynote presentation
Authored by: criley on Nov 29, '10 01:14:36PM

The easiest way I do it is treating it like FCP or any other media editor. Think timeline. Using the inspector and the build function, you can create what you are looking for.

A) 1st create your slides that you want.
B) Add the music to the first slide making sure you select "Start movie on click" in the quicktime tab. This will allow you to manipulate it in the Build area.
C) Now, here is the part where you might scratch your head. Go to the next slide and copy the elements (Text box, graphic, etc.) and go back to the previous slide and hit command "V" to paste everything where it was on the other slide. (Yes, it will look like a bunch of unorganized crap)

This is where the Build area comes in. If you select "More Options" at the bottom, a window will open where you can have the objects from slide #2 transition in and out of the slide you are working on. The key is that you need to have objects build out so they do not remain on the slide.

Try this with only one object per slide first, so you can get the hang of it. The nice thing is that Keynote will paste objects that you copy from one slide to the exact position on another slide, so you do not have to sort through the mess.

This is not ideal, but it works. I am hoping that iWork '11 will allow cascading slides that would work that way, but I am not sure if there has been enough request to warrant the change. I hope this helps out if anyone is still looking as I know this is an old post.


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