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10.6: Set precise screensaver password activation delay System 10.6
One of the new features in Snow Leopard is that you can set a delay before the password is activated for your screensaver/wake from sleep. This is helpful because I had my password disabled previously, since I didn't want to enter it in all the time. However, the only options for the delay are: Immediately, 5 Seconds, 1 Minute, 5 Minutes, 15 Minutes, 1 Hour, 4 Hours.

For me, 15 minutes is too short and 1 hour is too long: I want 30 minutes. Fortunately, there is a way around this -- a simple Terminal command. The Terminal command is:
defaults -currentHost write askForPasswordDelay -int 1800
To set it to however long you like, edit the last item (1800, which is 30 minutes * 60 seconds/minute) to the desired delay in seconds. Copy and paste the command into Terminal, change the time limit, and hit Return. Now, all you have to do is log out and back in again and you're good to go!

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10.6: Set precise screensaver password activation delay
Authored by: Matti Niemelä on Sep 04, '09 08:11:22AM

This is actually the most annoying changes in 10.6. In Leopard, only Screen Saver and System Sleep asked for a password. Which was nice and expected. But since I use my laptop more home than elsewhere, I don't like to write the password everytime I leave my Mac for a little longer and then come back. In 10.5, this was easy with setting the Screen Saver never to go off, and using only Screen Sleep. When not at home, I could use something like LockTight or Active Screen Corner to start the Screen Saver, for the password to be required.

Now with 10.6, there's no way to circumvent the password dialog. Either your computer asks for it, or it don't, ever. I have no control over this no more.

Changing the setting if it is asked or not is no option, since the first time I forget change it back to "Always ask for a password" I loose my Mac and it doesn't ask for a password.

I'm eagerly waiting for a program, script or fix of any sort to help me out with this.

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10.6: Set precise screensaver password activation delay
Authored by: Jai Gill on Sep 04, '09 05:52:27PM

Having submitted feedback to Apple some five months ago, I had hoped that they would have separated the event that triggers the screensaver from the other event that sets the Mac off to sleep. And that a new option could be set to require a password purely for 'wake-up from sleep'.

I did not want to have to deal with passwords every time the screensaver kicked-in but was happy to do so when waking the MBP up from sleep.

In this way, the operating system would not place silly irritating demands on me just because I was doing something not involving the computer for whatever time it took the screensaver to kick-in. And yet protect my data when it went to sleep or I put it to sleep as I headed out the door...

Hopefully, the new scheme in Snow should enable me to create something resembling this...


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10.6: Set precise screensaver password activation delay
Authored by: earthsaver on Sep 05, '09 03:20:43PM

I'm experiencing this too and I think it's a bug worth reporting to Apple. The issue is that Snow Leopard treats display sleep the same as screensaver and system sleep when display sleep has never been the same before. I should be able to put my display to sleep and not have to enter my password, especially when screensaver is set to never.

- Ben Rosenthal
MBP 2.8 - Leopard

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10.6: Set precise screensaver password activation delay
Authored by: schutt on Sep 08, '09 09:09:51AM
Since we don't usually want the computer to lock at home, but do at work/school, my brother and I use a widget to quickly change the settings. I showed this hint to him, and he wrote a new version so it is easy to set the lock time and choose between a screensaver and immediate sleep.

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WTF? Snow Leopard can emulate Leopard
Authored by: Rainy Day on Apr 11, '10 10:49:07PM
What you’re saying is wrong. Snow Leopard, when set to “Always ask for a password,” behaves exactly like Leopard. And you can still tell Screensaver never to invoke. So you can still do it the way Leopard did it, but with Snow Leopard you have additional, finer-grained choices.

That said, i’m annoyed that Apple didn’t give us separate controls for Wake from Sleep, and Screensaver. That way one could tell it never to lock the screen from Screensaver, but always from Wake from Sleep. And they should have used a slider, not a menu. At least this hint works around the brain-dead menu choices, and for that i’m grateful.

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