Guest editors and Snow Leopard in the near future

Aug 14, '09 07:29:00AM

Contributed by: robg

I'll be away from Mac OS X Hints until Monday, August 24th. In my absence, we'll have a couple of Macworld staffers -- Heather Kelly and Dan Miller -- posting the daily hints. They also covered for me back in July, so they're at least somewhat familiar with the duties now.

As a side note, Snow Leopard is expected to ship sometime in September. As with 10.5, it's my intent to start running 10.6 hints as soon as it's officially shipping, whenever that may be. So if you've been testing Snow Leopard and have found some interesting tidbits, get your hints ready for submission, and I'll be on the clock to push them live whenever the OS happens to ship.

(Note that you can't submit a hint early without breaking your NDA, so I'd advise against doing that. If any hints are entered into the queue prior to the ship date, they will be held until the OS is shipping and can be publicly disclosed.)


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