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Create always-editable playlists on the iPhone/iPod iPod
If you're like me, you like the fact that the iPod and iPhone gives you an On-the-Go playlist that you can edit while you're on the go. There's only one flaw in this setup: Once you sync your iPod/iPhone to the computer, the On-The-Go playlist freezes into place, and turns into a normal playlist. Normal playlists aren't editable on the iPod/iPhone. Sure, you could just select all the songs from the previous playlist if you're on an iPhone, and roll them into your new one. But that, too, will freeze once synced with the computer.

Fortunately, there is a way to keep the ability to edit playlists intact, and it makes use of the (if you haven't deleted iTunes' stock playlists) My Top Rated playlist. (Note: If you use iTunes' rating system for anything other than this purpose, this probably won't work. Just so you know.) The My Top Rated playlist is a Smart Playlist, which automatically adds songs that meet its criteria. It also dynamically updates -- if you rate a song as 0 stars, it'll be removed from the playlist. This dynamic updating happens both on the computer and on the iPod.

My Top Rated will add any song that is rated above three stars. So if you go to the song's rating on your iPod and rate it five stars, it'll be added to this playlist on the iPod -- without any assistance from the computer. If you're content with just one editable playlist, then you can just use the stock My Top Rated playlist. You may rename it if you so wish. But if you want to make multiple editable playlists, you need to edit the rules to the stock Top Rated playlist (or just delete it and follow along).

Go to File » New Smart Playlist. In the window that appears, set the playlist to: Rating » Is » x Stars (where x is the number of stars you specify, 1 through 5). Leave Live Updating checked.

Now, whenever you give a song the same rating you defined in making the smart playlist, it'll automatically add itself to that playlist. And as long as you can edit ratings on the iPod and iPhone, this will mean you can always edit these playlists on any of Apple's iDevices.

There is one relatively big drawback: If you have multiple playlists, a song can only be on one of these playlists. It can't be in two at the same time, as it can be with regular playlists.
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Create always-editable playlists on the iPhone/iPod
Authored by: macfan001 on Aug 13, '09 08:06:56AM
I use this for my iPod too. However I disagree with the last statement. Personally, I have a Favourites playlist, and a 5 Star playlist. My Favourites are all songs rated from 4 to 5 stars. With each smart playlist you don't have to set the Rating to "is" x to make this work. You can use is, is not, is greater than, is less than, is in the range I can see what the author means as using one of the other type of criteria would end up moving more than just one song, however this does allow you to place a number of songs in multiple playlists if you have your top rated, then your overall favourites.

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Create always-editable playlists on the iPhone/iPod
Authored by: wwrafter on Aug 13, '09 02:11:58PM

I extended this... I have my AppleTV songs playlist which is everything that is 3 stars or better (and which excludes certain genres like holiday). However, I have more music than will fit on my measly 4Gig iPhone (I reserve about half for photos, apps and podcasts).

So what I did was to create a iPhone Songs playlist with a single rule of Playlist = AppleTV Songs. Then, below the rules I selected the checkbox for selected at Random, and limited the size to 2Gig.

I have to manually refresh for some reason, but it's easier than maintaining multiple playlists.

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