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Share YouTube and Dailymotion with templates Apps
As they didsn't seem to exist, I have created two Mail templates to make it easy to share YouTube and Dailymotion videos within You can find everything you need on this page within my site.

Double-click on Dailymotion.mailstationery and YouTube.mailstationery to install them. Then place the Create New Dailymotion Message.scpt and Create New YouTube Message.scpt scripts in your user's Library » Scripts folder to get to them on the menu bar. Launch the relevant script for the site you're viewing, then copy/paste the permalink for Dailymotion or the URL for YouTube, and your email will be ready to send.

Feel free to improve these to suit to your needs.

[robg adds: The linked page is in French, but it's fairly easy to see the four items that need to be downloaded. In case the original site ever vanishes, I have mirrored all four files here on]
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Share YouTube and Dailymotion with templates | 5 comments | Create New Account
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Share YouTube and Dailymotion with templates
Authored by: robleach on Jul 30, '09 11:02:07AM

I finally got this to work. Note, your mail preferences must be set to compose new emails in rich text format. I had mine set to plain text, so it wasn't working. Also note, you have to double-click the stationary once to unzip it, then once to install it. Plus, putting the script in the User's Library/Scripts folder did not put it in the menu bar for me (in Mail or Safari). I have no idea how to make it appear and where it will be if it does show up. So I've been running it with the run button in the script editor app. I never use scripts in Mail. Another thing that's also not made clear (the hint implies that calling the script will grab the vid from the currently displayed page in Safari but not true the way I ran it) is that you must paste the URL of the youtube page you want the video from in a dialog box that comes up (which is not very descriptive - I just did it on a guess). Now I just have to figure out how to get two vids in one email. Hopefully I'll be able to figure that out without too much trouble...


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Share YouTube and Dailymotion with templates
Authored by: robleach on Jul 30, '09 11:05:30AM
OK. Also note that not all youtube URLs work. You may need to find the video's code in the URL, e.g. Vi9xgE7ZCeg, and prepend this: so that you have something like this:

I grabbed this one from this youtube URL:


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Share YouTube and Dailymotion with templates
Authored by: robleach on Jul 30, '09 11:24:40AM

Well, it looks like this isn't very customizable. I wanted to embed the vid in a regular email, but it looks like you're forced to enter text in only one small spot... I'm in a hurry, so I guess I'll abandon this effort and just send links instead of vids.

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Share ANY video... as an email template
Authored by: it-spud on Jul 15, '10 01:15:09PM

I found this handy example, and figured I could make a script that does the same basics as this does, but not attempt to manage the URL... Just embed any code I want to paste.

I fought with sed over punctuation for a bit and then decided to make the script simpler.

The template contains a key phrase.

This phrase is used to mark where the code should be placed. The entire line of text is replaced; white space is ignored... so tags that enclose the placeholder should reside on their own rows.

Using grep to find it, and wc to get a total count...
The script copies the template head to the live stationery 'content.html' from the template 'content_template.html'.
Then the code is copied to the file (after escaping double quotes for the echo)
And finally the tail of the template file.

Lastly, opens the template.

See the files here: (zipped for convenience.)

You'll want to double click the stationery file to install it, and you may place the script wherever it is handy for you (the user's script folder is a good place.)

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Share ANY video... as an email template
Authored by: it-spud on Jul 21, '10 12:23:29PM

I've just updated my script and the stationery. The stationery was installing in using a file name derived from the plist 'Display Name'.

I have updated the plist and the script to use a new name 'EmbedVideo' instead of eVideo. Hopefully no-one has the old verison. The same link takes you to an updated zip file.

One problem that seems to persist. Upon installing, opens a new message with the stationery browser disclosed... and the new stationery selected. This new message is not closable, but will quit. When relaunched the message is present (and open), but no longer 'stuck'.. it can now be closed. After this odd issue, the stationery and the script work as expected.

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