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Move and size a Path Finder window based on stored values Apps
I use Path Finder as a Finder replacement on all my machines; I really like the added features it brings to the table. While reading some other stuff about Path Finder, I stumbled across this thread in the CocoaTech forums. There you'll find a number of AppleScript tidbits for Path Finder, many going back a few years. The one that intrigued me, though, was the last one, by reader "cliff," about a script to move and position a window based on stored size and location info.

To do this (assuming you're using Path Finder 5.x), just create these two AppleScripts:

GetFinderSize FinderSize In the FinderSize script, if you remove the -- from the PFOpen... line, Path Finder will (as long as you're not in your home folder; I couldn't figure out force new window creation in Path Finder) create a new window first, then apply your stored location and size to that new window. Otherwise, this script will move and size the current window. Note that this bit is my own added code, so if it fails, blame me, not the original author.

Create both of those in Script Editor, and save both as Applications (uncheck the Startup Screen box when saving). Drag both to the Path Finder toolbar, and you've got a handy way to create windows of a set size. Each time you run GetFinderSize, the current window's size and position is stored. Then, each time you click on FinderSize, the current window will be moved (or a new window created, depending on if you edited the script) to the stored location, and set to the stored size.
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