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Organize personal templates in Pages '09 Apps
This is a pretty simple hint, but if you're like me, and have a number of templates that you've created in Pages, you probably wish they were organized in the Template Chooser, rather than being all displayed together in the My Templates section. (I would like to point out that I'm very pleased that Pages '09 remembers the last section that you were using in the Template Chooser. In previous versions, it always started at the top level.)

You can create your own sub-grouping under My Templates by navigating to your user's Library » Application Support » iWork » Pages » Templates folder. Here you will see one folder (My Templates) which contains any templates that you've already created. You can create new folders at this level, adjacent to My Templates for your new subgroups. Note that you can't create folders inside of My Templates; they won't show up in Pages.

In my case, I created folders for each of the companies I work with, and one Personal folder for my own letters. In each folder, I have Letter.template, Invoice.template, Case Study.template, etc. My Personal folder only contains Letter.template.

After creating the folders, simply move your templates from My Templates into the appropriate new folders. You can/should leave the My Templates folder there, even if it is empty. If you delete it, Pages will re-create it anyway -- it's required because it's the default location for any new templates you create.

If you want to again see all of your templates in the Template Chooser, just select My Templates from the left-side hierarchy. (Any templates left loose in the Templates folder, however, will not be shown, even when selecting My Templates from the Template Chooser.)

Annoyingly, the My Templates folder is always re-created each time you go to save a new template. Once created, this will then show up as another sub-group My Templates in the Template Chooser.

If you'd like to undo this hint, simply move all your templates back to the folder My Templates inside Templates, then delete all of your now-empty subgroup folders. Next time you open Template Chooser, all of your templates will simply appear under My Templates, and there will no longer be any subgroups (including the annoying My Templates subgroup).
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Organize personal templates in Pages '09
Authored by: calitinilo on May 16, '09 02:24:18AM


It works also on Pages 3.0.3. (iWork 8) I confirm no folder inside Templates folder but if the folders are at the same level as Template the templates are well grouped (as you by companies or projects) in window ... - If the folders are in Templates folder, Pages 'flattens' them in only one window (uneasy to read when lot of templates).
I question last year Apple Support... Your answer replaces elegantly their no-answer since.

caliti - Powerbook TI 867 - 10.4.8 -

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Organize personal templates in Pages '09
Authored by: francois_paris on May 16, '09 03:11:42AM

Your trick seems great but I cannot have it work. I created a new folder in ~/Library/Application Support/iWork /Pages/Templates, and put a new template file in it. No problem

When I launch Pages (v. 4.01), My template still appears in the "My Templates" section on the Chooser.

did I miss something ?


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Organize personal templates in Pages '09
Authored by: mkoistinen on May 16, '09 02:52:53PM

Francois, I'm also using 4.0.1 and I'm on Mac OS X 10.5.7. The hint works as described. One thing, if you actually click on the entry "My Templates" in the template chooser, all your templates will be shown. However, this hint is about having sub-groups beneath "My Templates" in the Template Chooser. Does your newly created folder not appear under "My Templates"? If not, then I'd guess you have no *valid* templates within the folder, as empty folders, I think, aren't shown. Good luck!

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Organize personal templates in Pages '09
Authored by: hdbaumeister on Dec 07, '09 02:39:45AM

Thanks for the hint - one comment to make it work properly:
You have to have at least TWO subdirectories in the Templates folder with at least one template in each, otherwise Pages will - once again - put all templates under "My Templates" - i.e. it will not show the subdirectories generated.

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