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Use a speedy Safari 4 Beta 'plug-in' Web Browsers
After having changed over to Safari a few months ago, I noticed the lack of a fast plug-in for my Delicious bookmarks. The website is okay, but when you use it a lot, its lack of speed can be annoying.

Hence I decided to write my own super fast Delicious 'plug-in' which isn't actually a plug-in at all. Instead, it's entirely browser-based; you can try it out at this URL. The site makes use of a new feature of HTML5 which allows you to have local storage of remote data. This makes the site very fast, but currently Safari 4 Beta is the only browser that supports this feature.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one, as I don't have any public Delicious bookmarks, which is what the site works with. As a result, you don't need to enter your Delicious password to use the site -- so you can test it without fear of password harvesting.]
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Use a speedy Safari 4 Beta 'plug-in'
Authored by: vincentvw on May 06, '09 09:29:22AM

Hmm, by plugin, I hoped it would allow you to quickly bookmark links to delicious, much like the Firefox PLUGIN allows you to do. A website to view public delicious bookmarks isn't much of a value added plugin.

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Use a speedy Safari 4 Beta 'plug-in'
Authored by: zeusr on May 06, '09 01:11:11PM

"my own super fast Delicious 'plug-in' which isn't actually a plug-in at all".

Reading (and by correlation, understanding) the description would have saved you the need to make this comment.

It is a neat demo of some of the abilities of HTML5, though.

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What's wrong with DeliciousSafari?
Authored by: VesperDEM on May 06, '09 09:38:37AM
I've been using DeliciousSafari for quite some time now and its just the perfect Delicious addon for Safari. Does everything you would want. It's not free, but for $10, it's just what I was looking for.

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Use a speedy Safari 4 Beta 'plug-in'
Authored by: encro on May 06, '09 01:28:59PM
You could also use Cocoalicious to maintain the list of bookmarks:

Then add this javascript as a bookmarklet to your browser to easily send stuff across to Cocoalicious:

If you highlight/select some text prior to clicking the Bookmarklet it will appear in the extended notes of your new bookmarket too :)


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What's wrong with the delicious bookmarklet buttons?
Authored by: soundsgoodtome on May 07, '09 02:47:54AM
They work in any browser:

I have mine in Safari's bookmark bar, in slot #3, which makes the keyboard shortcut ⌘-3. From any web page, I hit the shortcut; a window comes up, allowing me to type tags; I hit Return; and I'm done. It's easy, and it's fast. Maybe I don't understand what the author of this hint wants to accomplish.

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I second that
Authored by: hamarkus on May 07, '09 01:08:28PM

Maybe the OP was also referring to browsing one's bookmarks as well (but I use WebnoteHappy for that).

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