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Avoid an iPhone self-updating Smart Playlist bug iOS devices
The current version of the on the iPhone and the iPod touch has a strange bug which prevents updating Smart Playlists based on criteria which change when playing from the playlist.

That sounds a little bit complicated, but there's an often-used and simple example: a playlist based on play count (e.g. Play Count -- equals -- zero). When you play titles from the playlist on the iPhone, they should disappear automatically after playing, which currently isn't the case.

The workaround, as described in this post on Apple's Discussions site, is to create a second Smart Playlist. For the second Smart Playlist, set the criteria to simply this: Playlist -- is -- [the troublesome Smart Playlist]. When you now play titles from this new Smart Playlist, the criteria change properly, and both playlists change accordingly.

[robg adds: I can confirm that my iPhone 3G exhibits this problem -- I have a Play Once smart playlist, and the number of songs in it remains constant even after a given song plays through.]
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Avoid an iPhone self-updating Smart Playlist bug
Authored by: TouringComet on May 01, '09 10:38:40AM

I have a smart playlist of the 50 least recently played 5 star songs. Sure, if I go into that playlist and start playing songs, it is the same 50 songs while the list is playing.

But, if I then leave that playlist and just start playing a song somewhere else, when I go back to this smart playlist, I have a new set of 50 songs. Some might be the same as before, if they weren't played, but the ones that were played drop off, and are replaced with the next least recently played.

And if I play through the whole list of 50 songs, it takes you back to the screen listing all of the playlists, and if I go directly back to the same smart playlist, it is a completely new set of 50 songs.

That behavior seems perfectly fine to me.

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Avoid an iPhone self-updating Smart Playlist bug
Authored by: CatMac on May 02, '09 06:45:58AM

Is the problem that played items don't immediately disappear when the next item begins? On my 1st gen iPhone, the smart playlist with playcount=0 removes the songs only after I've exited the playlist. This behavior makes sense to me.

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Avoid an iPhone self-updating Smart Playlist bug
Authored by: Laroquod on May 01, '09 02:12:09PM

Yes I have an iPhone 3G and I don't have a problem with the behaviour, either. I use a 'play count is less than 1' and 'podcast is true' and 'kind does not contain video' smart playlist, and when I finish each podcast episode, exit the iPod and return, it disappears off the list, no sync required. Am I missing something?

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Avoid an iPhone self-updating Smart Playlist bug
Authored by: magir on May 01, '09 02:40:13PM

As it seems, the bug does not always appear. I did a few tests and it can always be reproduced with my "unskipped, playcount=0, based on other playlist" playlist. However another playlist, which simply contains all unplayed items updates correctly.

One guess is that if there's more than one smart playlist based on the updated criteria, it works.

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Avoid an iPhone self-updating Smart Playlist bug
Authored by: Urtho on May 05, '09 09:48:09AM

Without exiting the playlist, my song count changes, however I sometimes hear songs that have played over again if I haven't synced since I last heard it. I started last night with 488 songs left and now have 482, with a short drive to work.

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