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Speed up iPhoto '09 by turning off item counts Apps
Following on the heels of the confirm/reject/name and not a face hints, here's one last iPhoto '09 trick, courtesy of bhagemann's comment to the 'not a face' hint.

If iPhoto '09 is unbearably slow for you, showing the spinning beachball at the slightest provocation, try this solution. Go into iPhoto's preferences, and on the General tab, uncheck the box next to Show item counts. That's it. On my dual core 2.3ghz G5 with 8GB of RAM and a 45,000 image iPhoto library, this made an immediate and dramatic improvement. On the other hand, another commenter with a octo-core 2.8ghz Mac Pro with 6gb RAM and a 80k photo library says it made no difference for him.

So this may not be a remedy that works in all cases, or above a certain threshold of computing power. But at least in some cases, such as mine, it can make an enormous difference.
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Speed up iPhoto '09 by turning off item counts
Authored by: anscan on May 01, '09 10:09:10AM

Great hint! Worked a treat on my G5 as well.

I only wish I'd known about this a week ago when I started tagging my 13K photos. I've really been starting to curse the spinning wheel...

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Speed up iPhoto '09 by turning off item counts
Authored by: babbage on May 01, '09 12:13:27PM

I love how, every time, the comment as it gets published is subtly different from the text I actually submitted :-/

I think the limiting factor is more likely to be the size of the iPhoto library, not the speed of the computer. bhagemann has an iPhoto library nearly twice as large as mine, and so no benefit from this change, even though his computer is quite a bit faster than mine. Normally, one would expect a faster computer to run faster, other things being equal. In this case, the much larger library is probably relevant.

There's a line of thinking that it makes sense to break up very large iPhoto libraries, and select the one you want to work with when you launch the program. So, for example, make a new one every year, and if you want to access older material, select the library for that year when you launch iPhoto.

Personally, I don't like this approach, just because I like having it all in one place, and don't want to keep track of when a photo I might be looking for was taken. I think this concern is amplified with iPhoto '09, where it becomes handy to have one database of faces & places that scans across your entire library. If you split up your library, you're looking at duplication of effort to fill that out for each separate chunk of your library.

Still, if your library has gotten *that* big, maybe it's time to bite the bullet and consider going to multiple libraries.

That, or learn to prune the thing :-)



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Speed up iPhoto '09 by turning off item counts
Authored by: robogobo on May 02, '09 03:53:52AM

I wonder if this works in Aperture as well. I'm going to try it on Monday. I have a pretty large library on a quad 2.66, and sometimes get the beach ball at odd times. I'll report back after I try it out..

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Did not do much on my Macbook 2.1
Authored by: alexmathew on May 03, '09 09:26:32PM

Every time I select a Face and start the identification process, the beach ball appears - I have the show number of items turned off. Though once the faces have been identified, the process is a bit smoother.
I have 28,800 pictures in my library.

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Speed up iPhoto '09 by turning off item counts
Authored by: iwbyte on Sep 09, '09 03:21:28PM

Wow! Incredible! This turns iPhoto '09 from "OMG I need a new computer ASAP" to "This faces stuff is cool!"


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Speed up iPhoto '09 by turning off item counts
Authored by: iwbyte on Sep 09, '09 03:23:27PM

More followup : My library has 21,000+ items in it. Of course, Now I can't check how many photos I have for one child vs. another at a glance, but i'll deal with it for the speed gain.

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