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Open current Finder folder in Path Finder Apps
I use Cocoatech's Path Finder as my primary file browser, reverting to the Finder only on rare occasions. Sometimes, though, I'll open a window (and navigate into some folder) in the Finder by force of (20 year) habit. I wanted a simple way to open that same folder in Path Finder, so I wouldn't have to navigate to it twice.

After some Googling, I stumbled on the solution in this forum thread on the Cocoatech forums. User maaku posted this very handy AppleScript:
on run
  tell application "Finder"
    set this_folder to (the target of the front window) as alias
    close the front window
  end tell
  tell application "Path Finder"
    open this_folder
  end tell
end run
Copy and paste that code into Script Editor, then save it as an application (File Format » Application in the Save dialog) in a convenient spot. Then drag the app to the Finder's toolbar or sidebar; I put mine on the toolbar.

Now when I open a folder in the Finder, I can quickly jump to the same folder in Path Finder by simply clicking the icon in the toolbar. The linked forum thread contains a number of additional Path Finder AppleScripts which could be useful, including one that opens two browsing windows.
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Even easier Finder folder reveal in Path Finder
Authored by: lujo on Apr 24, '09 08:08:24AM

Path Finder has a built-in application/script for revealing Finder folders in Path Finder via a Finder window toolbar icon. There are two ways to implement this with the first being the easiest (but unreliable to implement) and the second option pretty easy, too, and certain to work.

First option. In Path Finder, from the Help menu, select "Reveal in Path Finder Toolbar item" and a gray floating window appears. Now open a Finder window and drag the Path Finder icon from the floating window to the Finder window's toolbar. You can try holding Command during the drag if a simple drag doesn't work. In my experience this procedure only works occasionally on some computers. So...

Second option. The above "shortcut" simply points to an application in Path Finder's application package called Reveal. Go to Path (use "Show Package Contents" to browse the application package) and then Command-drag the Reveal application onto a Finder window's toolbar and you're set.

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Open current Finder folder in Path Finder
Authored by: cyclist101 on Apr 24, '09 08:12:38AM

Good hint, but actually, Path Finder already has a toolbar button you can add, and it seems to work slightly faster. In the Path Finder menu, click Help and in the drop-down menu, you should see a "Reveal in Path Finder Toolbar Item." When you click it, a window will open with an icon you can drag to the Finder toolbar. Before you do that, command-click on the Finder toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar..., then you can drag the "Reveal in Path Finder Toolbar Item." I found I could not drag the icon to the toolbar without first choosing to Customize Toolbar...

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Open current Finder folder in Path Finder
Authored by: juggularity on Apr 24, '09 08:42:32AM

Why don't you just set the "Reveal in Path Finder" global hotkey? It is in the "Application Preferences" window in the "Applications" item on the left. That is a whole lot easier than messing with AppleScript.

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Open current Finder folder in Path Finder
Authored by: robg on Apr 24, '09 09:10:44AM

Because I totally overlooked it? :)

Thanks everyone for pointing it least there are still some useful scripts on the linked page :)


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Open current Finder folder in Path Finder
Authored by: kitm on Apr 24, '09 10:20:21AM

It seems to me the problem still exists that if I open something in the finder that I want opened in PathFinder by using ''Reveal in PathFinder'' is that the finder window is still open and now has to be closed. Just one more step. Or am I missing something??

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Open current Finder folder in Path Finder
Authored by: scotty321 on Apr 24, '09 11:31:52AM

It's even easier than that. You can simply right-click on any file in the Finder, choose "More", and choose "Reveal in Path Finder".

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Open current Finder folder in Path Finder
Authored by: leamanc on Apr 24, '09 01:29:26PM

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I've never bought Path Finder, only used it in the past for its demo period. But I distinctly remember contextual menu items for both the Finder and Path Finder to reveal a folder in the opposite file browser.

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